PS - Permissions

Jun 5, 2016
PS - Permissions
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    Bungee OR Bukkit Permissions »

    This means they go in bungee's config.yml, added via BungeePerms, or add them as normal on your Bukkit permissions plugin to have them sync to Bungee on player join from any spigot server that has the PlayerServers.jar installed

    playerservers.templates.all » Give access to all templates
    playerservers.templates.folderName » Give access to template in the folder folderName

    playerservers.bypassexpire » Bypass server expiring, player's with this permission won't have their server expire, though time will still be tracked in the background in case the perm is removed.
    playerservers.bypassblock » Bypass the bungee-side command block
    playerservers.bypassmaxservers » Bypass the global-max-servers limit when their server is started by anyone or they start another's player's server.

    » Use every sub-command in the /psa command. If you don't want that, use the sub-command permissions:
    playerservers.psa.create » Use /psa create
    playerservers.psa.start » Use /psa start
    playerservers.psa.stop » Use /psa stop
    playerservers.psa.restart » Use /psa restart
    playerservers.psa.delete » Use /psa delete
    playerservers.psa.stopall » Use /psa stopall
    playerservers.psa.addtime » Use /psa addtime
    playerservers.psa.removetime » Use /psa removetime
    playerservers.psa.checktime » Use /psa checktime
    playerservers.psa.memory » Use /psa maxmem & /psa startmem
    playerservers.psa.slots » Use /psa slots
    playerservers.psa.reload » Use /psa reload
    playerservers.psa.motd » Use /psa motd
    playerservers.psa.kill » Use /psa kill​

    » Use every sub-command in the /ps command, create their own server, etc. If you don't want that, use the sub-command permissions: » Use /ps join » Use the /ps join server selector. » Use /ps create, /ps home, and /ps stop, /ps restart » Use /ps checktime » Use /ps sharetime » Use /ps delete » Start other player's servers with /ps join. » Use /ps motd​

    Bukkit Permissions »
    (almost never used as server owners get OP, and can OP other players on their server, but I should mention it anyway)
    (More coming soon)

    playerservers.myserver » Use the /myserver command while on someone elses server. Servers owners can give this if a perms plugin is installed and users will be able access ALL of the /myserver command. Have them give individual permissions below if they only want to permit PART of /myserver to be used by others.

    playerservers.myserver.gamemode » Allow access to editing the gamemode via GUI or /mys settings.
    playerservers.myserver.difficulty » Allow access to editing the difficulty via GUI or /mys settings.
    » Allow access to editing the pvp mode via GUI or /mys settings.
    playerservers.myserver.worldsettings » Allow access to editing the world settings via GUI.
    playerservers.myserver.whitelist » Allow access to editing the whitelist via GUI or /mys whitelist.
    playerservers.myserver.ban » Allow banning players via GUI or /mys ban.

    playerservers.myserver.kick »
    Allow kicking players via GUI or /mys kick.
    playerservers.myserver.stop » Allow stopping the server via /mys stop.
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