Punish - Item Options

May 5, 2016
Punish - Item Options
  • Item Options:

    ID: = ID of item
    DATA: = data value for the item
    SLOT: = Slot where the item should be placed
    NAME: = Display name of the item
    LORE: = Lore on the item
    ACTION: = Action when clicked, see below for list.
    BROADCAST: = Message to broadcast to the server
    BAN_MESSAGE: = Message to be displayed when banned from the server and when attempting to join back
    KICK_MESSAGE: = Message to be displayed when kicked from the server
    TITLE: = Send a title to the player
    SUBTITLE: = Send a subtitle to the player (Requires TITLE)
    ACTIONBAR: = Send a actionbar message to the player
    COMMANDS: = List of commands to run if action is command or command-console
    MESSAGE_TO_TARGET: = Messsage to send to the target
    MESSAGE_TO_PUNISHER: = Message to send to the Punisher
    MENU: = Menu to open when the item is clicked, if action is menu
    TIME: = Time to be muted, jailed, banned for if temp, if not specified the ban, jailing, mute will be permanent (In Xd Xh Xm Xs format)
    ACTIONBAR_TO_PUNISHER: = Send and actionbar message to the punisher
    TITLE_TO_PUNISHER: = send a title to the punisher
    SUBTITLE_TO_PUNISHER: = send a subtitle to the punisher (Requires TITLE_TO_PUNISHER)
    HEAD: = true or false whether or not the item is a player head
    PLAYERHEADNAME: = Name of the player whos head to display if the above is true

    PERMISSION: = Permission needed to use the item
    NO_PERMISSION: = Message to be displayed if the player doesn't have permission and attempts using the item
    BROADCAST_ACTIONBAR = Message to broadcast via actionbar
    BROADCAST_TITLE = Message to broadcast via title
    BROADCAST_SUBTITLE = Message to broadcast via subtitle


    ban = ban the player
    ipban = ban the players ip
    kick = kick the player
    mute = mute the player
    jail = jail the player
    unban = unban the player
    unmute = unmute the player
    unjail = unjail the player
    reset-warns = reset the players warnings
    command = run command(s) as the person viewing the menu
    command-console = run command(s) as console
    menu = open a different menu
    launch = launch the player into the air
    scare = scare the player
    randomtp = teleport the player someplace random in the world (not working in 1.9, unsure of 1.8)
    clearchat = clear the chat of the player
    burn = set the player on fire for 5 seconds
    freeze = freeze the player
    unfreeze = unfreeze the player

    Things to note:

    The TIME option can be combined with jail, mute or ban to make them temporary, this does not work with ipbans.
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