Punish - Menu Options

Apr 18, 2016
Punish - Menu Options
  • As of right now these are the applicable options for menu files


    Title: The title of the menu to show up in game
    Size: How many slots the menu should have (9,18,27,36,45,54)
    Contents: Items in the menu, view the menu tutorials for more about this.


    Command: Command you want to use to open the menu
    Permission: Permission needed to run the command
    Aliases: Aliases for the command (Example: in pre-3.0 versions /p was an alias to /punish)
    NoPermissionMessage: Message to be displayed when attempting to run the command without permission
    InvalidCommandMessage: Message to be displayed when a player tries to run a command without the required arguments (e.g. running /punish when it should be /punish <player>)
    UseTarget: Whether or not the menu can be opened without specifying a target..(if false, the menu will open with the person running the command as the target, useful for making menus for checking stats)

    UseReason: (Requires UseTarget to be true to work) Whether or not a reason should be required to open the menu. This needs to be added manually this will not automatically appear in the punish.yml.
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