QAPlugin Adding custom AI

Dec 4, 2017
QAPlugin Adding custom AI
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    Adding custom AI using DialogFlow

    QAPlugin gives you the ability to use API.AI to create your own AI. Some quick information about API.AI... It is a framework used in Google Home, Slack and other bots/assistants.

    Unlike the standard "question"->"response" AI you can make in the plugin by default, this framework allows you to create more dynamic conversations and even allows you to contact web services to answer the questions.

    Use V1 for agents

    1. Log in to the site
    2. Create a new agent. You can use "customer service" as the example application
    3. Test something basic.
      The framework has something called "domains" what are basically pre defined AI components such as (in this case ) small talk.
    4. You can enable new domains giving you the ability to add more functionalities
    5. Keep in mind, you can test the domains, but most of them require a plan upgradehelp
    6. You can experiment and play around on the site. Once you are ready you can add this AI bot to your minecraft server!
    7. Click on the gear icon next to your agent
    8. Copy the CLIENT access token
    9. In the config.yml paste the access token under "question-settings.api-ai.client-access-token"
    10. Do not forget to enable api-ai as well

    Learn from your players
    You can use the API to learn from your players
    [​IMG] will store all the questions and the frequency they are asked so you can add responses to them.

    Using user context
    Every time a player asks a question there will be a "context" created called "player"
    This context has several parameters you can use:

    • #player.username
    • #player.uuid
    • #player.location_x
    • #player.location_y
    • #player.location_z
    • #player.location_world

    Read more:

    Read more at:
    A php example can be found here:
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