Sep 1, 2017
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    "Gary, who made you?"


    What can you use this for?
    Answer frequently asked questions
    Bring some life to your server
    Learn what users ask a lot with the online trainer
    Provide information with placeholders like "Helper, what is my level?"​

    QAPlugin modules:
    Modules are jar files that you put in the modules folder

    Following modules are available through /qaplugin modules

    "Ask the assistant to make a joke"
    "Ask the assistant for definitions from UrbanDictionary"
    "Recipe helper. Ask something like 'how to make a door?'"
    "Ask for basic faction information of the faction you are in"
    "Let the assistant learn from you. Remembers user data"
    "Ask the assistant to turn mvdw animation plugins on/off"
    "Ask the assistant for plugin information"
    "Create a report using NamelessMC"
    "Ask the assistant to translate something"
    "Ask for exchange rates or convert a currency"​

    • Smart question detector
      • Configure the 'risc' factor by defining how similar the user's question should be. (min-matches)
    • Multiple randomized answers to make it look better
    • support (same as Google Home , ...)
      • Monitor questions online to see what is the most frequently asked question
      • Small talk
      • Optional pre-build add ons available for asking calculator related questions, web searches and much more
      • Create web hooks to create answers based on results
      • Create your own AI modules (API)
      • Download and install new modules without bloating the plugin
      • Context based conversations
    • Support for PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI to add placeholders in responses (f.ex "How much money do I have?")
    • Optimized: runs smoothly, even when using
    • Highly configurable
      • Configure question match thresholds
      • Configure the trigger words
      • Configure the chat layout
      • ...
    • Ingame module installation
    • Build-in announcer
    This QAPlugin is based on Gary. It is a plugin that has been changed 100+ times to find the perfect balance between easy to configure and useful.

    With support you can even extend the possibilities outside Minecraft.

    External modules can hook into online services like UrbanDictionary

    External modules can store information about a question or user

    Context based questions + modules

    Context based questions "when was it released" can apply to server or plugin name

    External module to translate things

    Another context based question remembering the color

    You can use placeholders in your response.

    Above is a standard local question/response. As you can see the question does not need to be 100% similar to match.

    Above screenshot is an intent to report a user. The 'response' is send to a web server. Note that the web server part is something you have to make yourself.

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