QuestCreator - Advanced quest configuration

Aug 23, 2017
QuestCreator - Advanced quest configuration
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    Table of contents :

    1. Commands and permissions
    2. Plugin storage system and configuration
    3. Create your first quest : settings, actions and tasks
    4. Variables system
    5. Advanced quest configuration
    6. NPCs
    7. Runnable jar GUI and developers API

    5. Advanced quest configuration

    About the choice system

    Like I said in the variables sections, you can use variables to create choices that have influence on the quest and even other quests.

    You can create a choice like this (it's a task) :
    Code (Text):
      ... # task ordinal and delay
      message=&aPlease choose one of these options :
          &aOption 1
          -var: quest_example_choose_option set 1
          &aOption 2
          -var: quest_example_choose_option set 2
          &aOption 3
          -var: quest_example_choose_option set 3
    Here you can see that the choices section contains 3 lists that are the possible choices.

    Every list is a choice ; the first line of the list is the message that the player must click, and the other lines are the variables changes. If you just want to do a "decorative" choice that don't influence anything, just don't put any variable changes.

    Skipping a task or an action

    You can skip a task or an action if a variable has a specific value, by specifying lines under the skip_if section, following this format :
    Code (Text):
      -var: {variable name} is {wanted value}
      -var: {variable name} isnot {wanted value}
    Let's take a look at our precedent example. If the choices influences the quest, then, it can be something like this :
    Code (Text):
          -var: quest_example_choose_option isnot 1
        ... # task ordinal and delay
        message=&aYou choose option 1, congrats !
          -var: quest_example_choose_option isnot 2
        ... # task ordinal and delay
        message=&aYou choose option 2, congrats !
          -var: quest_example_choose_option isnot 3
        ... # task ordinal and delay
        message=&aYou choose option 3, congrats !
    About the coop system

    If you create coop missions, please take a look at those details :

    • Every variable change/node in the quest will refer to the variable values of the player that started the quest.
    • The choices will be sent to the player that started the quest.
    • Some tasks will be executed for all players (sending a message, playing a sound, teleporting player, etc) and others will only be executing one time (teleporting an entity, placing a block, etc).
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