QuestCreator - Basics : variables

Feb 12, 2018
QuestCreator - Basics : variables
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    Table of contents :

    Commands and permissions
    Plugin storage
    Create a quest
    > Basics : variables
    Basics : preconditions
    Basics : quest settings
    Basics : quest requirements
    Basics : quest rewards
    Basics : quest flow
    Basics : quest flow - tasks
    Basics : quest flow - objectives
    Developpers API

    The basics : variables

    The plugin has an advanced variable system.
    The variables can affect the player's quests in many ways. For example, you can use them in all the quests for making multiple choices and dialogs that affect the current quest or even other quests, or preventing player to do something, etc.

    Some things to know about the variables :
    • Every variable can be assigned to anything that is on one line (numbers, strings, booleans or whatever). Lists aren't allowed.
    • The variables are NOT global, which means every value associated to a variable is different for each player. For example, if there is a variable called "test", this variable can be associated to value 1 for player Notch and associated to value 2 for player PYRRH4.
    • The variables names and values are both case sensivite.
    • If you want a variable to have a default value, you can set it in the configuration, in the "variables" list. If you don't register it in the configuration, you will still be able to use it, but it won't have a default value and it could create minor problems, so it's preferable to do it.
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