QuestCreator - NPCs

Jul 16, 2017
QuestCreator - NPCs
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    Table of contents :

    1. Commands and permissions
    2. Plugin storage system and configuration
    3. Create your first quest : settings, actions and tasks
    4. Variables system
    5. Advanced quest configuration
    6. NPCs
    7. Runnable jar GUI and developers API

    6. NPCs

    The plugin has a simple NPCs system (with Citizens).

    You can register NPCs in the configuration :
    Code (Text):
      -npc: test The_NPC PLAYER world,385.5,70,60,-45,0
    The formatting is -npc: {npc id} {npc name (_ is a space)} {npc type} {world,x,y,z,yaw,pitch}
    (so in this example, a player NPC with id "test" and with name "The_NPC" will spawn at the location)

    You can also assign quests to a NPC, in a specific order.
    The quests will start if the player has no active quests and if he clicks the NPC.
    Code (Text):
    There are currently 5 tasks with the NPCs :
    • NPC_TELEPORT : teleports the NPC
    • NPC_MOVE : makes the NPC walk to the location
    • NPC_MOVE_WAIT : makes the NPC walk to the location and wait that he is at the location to continue tasks and actions
    • NPC_HIDE : hides the NPC
    • NPC_SHOW : shows the NPC
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