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Aug 20, 2018
RealisticMC Wiki

    Created by Citywars

    Welcome to the official wiki of RealisticMC, you can find information about commands, permissions, installation and how it works.
    Read this wiki before contact the developer. I have a Discord Server where you can contact the developer.

    ▬ COMMANDS ▬

    If commands are not working or the plugin is "Red" marked, then you use a not-supported version of Spigot/Bukkit:

    "/rmcadd <effect> <world>", if you want to use multi-worlds then you can go to the configuration file to change where the effect can run.

    - myworld
    - example

    But, you can use the command "/rmcadd" to import your worlds to the enabled worlds in-game. Example: I have a world lobby and a world called survival. I want to enable the feature "Balloons" in my world lobby. Then I can use the command "/rmcadd Balloons lobby" to add that world to my enabled worlds.

    "/rmcremove <effect> <world>" is the same command, but instead of adding a world, you remove a world from the enabled worlds.

    "/rmcballoon <color>" is a command to spawn a balloon to your location. Available colors are: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple.
    This is a cool feature for as example for people with paid ranks.

    "/rmcconfig" this is one of the best way to configure your configuration file in-game, just type "/rmcconfig" and you can enable and disable features/effects in one click. *WARNING* This is GLOBAL, so not per-world.

    "/rmcopen <GUI>" With this command you can open specific GUI's, At the moment there is one GUI to open called BalloonGUI. So to open the Balloon Selector GUI. Use the command "/rmcopen BalloonGUI"

    "/rmcreload" is to reload your configuration file. This is alot faster then restart your whole server.

    "/rmctornado" is to spawn the Tornado to your location, but if you do "/rmctornado spawn <location>" you can spawn the Tornado to a specifc locations.

    "/rmchelp" is for the help-list with every command.


    "realisticmc.reload" is the permission to use "/rmcreload"
    "realisticmc.add" is the permission to use "/rmcadd"
    realisticmc.remove" is the permission to use "/rmcremove"
    "realisticmc.tornado" is the permission to use "/rmctornado"
    "" is the permission to use "/rmchelp"

    "realisticmc.gui" is the permission to use "/rmcopen"
    realisticmc.config | is the permission to use "/rmcconfig"

    "" to select balloon "Red"
    "" to select balloon "Green"
    "" to select balloon "Blue"
    "realisticmc.balloon.yellow" to select balloon "Yellow"
    "realisticmc.balloon.purple" to select balloon "Purple"


    If you downloaded the plugin, drop it into your plugin folder. Plugins that can be used for RealisticMC are WorldEdit and PermissionsEx


    Falling Blocks: If you place an block, the placed block will fall on the ground. This gives a gravity feeling. Since update v1.0

    Realistic Trees: If you break/cut down an tree, the tree will fall with a Realistic effect. Since update v1.0

    Blood Effect: If you hit an player, the player get blood. In v4.0 can animals/monsters get blood Since update v1.0

    Tornado: You can spawn a Tornado with the command /rmctornado. You can use /rmctornado spawn <x, y, z> to spawn the Tornado at an specific location. You can also change the block color or ID. Since update v1.4

    Fall Effect: If you jump from a high position you will get a fall damage particle effect! Since update v2.3

    Custom Armorstands: If you place an armorstand you get a armed/small armorstand. You can change this in the configuration file or in the configuration gui! Since update v2.6

    Balloons: You can spawn a balloon to your location with the command /rmcballoon <Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple> Or open the Balloon Selector GUI with the command /rmcopen <BalloonGUI> TIP If you use an lobby plugin, set /rmcopen BalloonGUI into your lobby plugin. Players can select a balloon as gadget! Since update v3.0

    Dead Trees: If you grow up an Dead Bush with bonemeal, the Dead Bush will grow up to a Dead Tree. Since update v2.0

    The CNG function: (Configuration GUI) If you don't want to enable/disable effects in the configuration file. You can open in-game an Config Editor. This is called Configuration GUI. In this GUI you can enable/disable every effect in-game! Command to open the CNG: /rmcconfig Since update v3.0

    Multi World support: If you want to disable an effect in a specifc world. You can use this commands: To add effects to a world | /rmcadd <effect> <world> To remove effects from a world | /rmcremove <effect> <world> Since update v1.0 Everything is changeable If your server isn't english and you want to use this plugin, no worries! You can change every message/gui! Since update v1.0

    TNT Explosions: If you explode TNT, the tnt will explode realistic. Every exploded block will fall down on the ground. Since v4.0 you can enable WorldGuard-Support, this means that you cannot use the effect in the worldguard plots. Since update v1.0

    Eat Effect: If you cosume food, an 3D Food Skull will spawn above the player with particles. The skull will despawn in a few seconds. Since update v3.5

    Realistic Grow: If you grow up an sapling, doesn't matter what sapling it is. The sapling will grow up in an custom tree schematic. This schematic can you change in the schematic folder in the RealisticMC Plugin folder. Since update v4.0

    ▬ MORE HELP? ▬

    Click here to start a conversation with me.
    Discord: Click here to get the invite link to join my Discord Server.
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