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Aug 1, 2018
Recent Changes
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    If you are reading this far then the following information should apply to you. ItemJoin has and always will be an all-in-one supported plugin for all versions of Minecraft. The 1.13 Aquatic update was not actually very damaging to any of ItemJoin's core code. It only had a few errors when checking for certain item id's such as skull items as well as since 1.13 does not have ItemID's, ItemJoin as of 1.13 will not support them. However, if you are running a lesser server version 1.7 - 1.12, ItemID's will continue to function as normal. This "backward compatibility" for ItemID's has been tested but not every item has been tested so if there is a bug found such as not receiving the correct item please inform me. ItemID's on Minecraft 1.13 will continue to function with ItemJoin but I highly recommend moving away from the use of this method as it can have the potential to break as spigot is updated.

    So in essence, ItemJoin is marked in the plugin.yml as fully compliant to the 1.13 api-version which allowed me to easily program backward compatibility for 1.7 - 1.12. So it is simply still an easy drag and drop for any version of Minecraft from 1.7 - 1.13 and there are no values that need to be changed other than adjusting the items in the items.yml accordingly to have the correct Material. As of posting this update, I am also looking to fix up the documentation page to include each individual Minecraft versions documentations for spigot listed so you can see what Materials, Enchants, Sounds, Effects, etc, are available for each specific version. This will most likely be in the form of links found on the main page that redirect to these specific versions. Hopefully, this gives those who are interested an insight into what is going on. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


    • Support for Minecraft v1.13 Aquatic Update!
      • Despite md_5's statement that plugins will not be backward compatible, I am still continuing to design ItemJoin as an all-in-one backward compatible plugin. Therefore, this version supports Minecraft 1.13 as well as 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, and 1.7.
    • Updated WorldGuard dependency.
      • Now Support WorldGuard 7.0.0 and above.
      • Also supports backward compatability for WorldGuard versions below 7.0.0.
    • Specific items.yml files for each major Minecraft version.
      • When a new items.yml is generated it will generate a version specific to the Minecraft server version you are running so you will get the full tutorial of items rather than a bunch of errors in console stating to remove non-supported items for that version of Minecraft.
      • Much clean...
    • /ItemJoin get <item> command permissions.
      • You can now toggle this on, which is off by default in the config.yml. Simply set GetItem-Permissions to true.

    If you are using a config or en-lang file before this update and wish to use this new feature you will need to add the following to your config.yml and en-lang.yml respectively;
    Code (Text):
    GetItem-Permissions: false
    en-lang.yml Messages;
    Code (Text):
    givenNoPerms: '&4You do not meet the permission requirement to receive the item %item%.'
    givenToPlayerNoPerms: '&4%argsplayer% &4does not meet the permission requirement to receive the item %item%.'
    givenAllNoPerms: '&4You were missing permissions for an item so not all items were given.'
    givenAllPlayerNoPerms: '&4%argsplayer% &4was missing permissions for an item so not all items were given.'

    • New command /ItemJoin info.
      • This will determine the item's information of what you are holding.
      • I have implemented this to make it easier to look up the Material of the item you are holding via in-game rather than looking it up in spigots documentations.
      • Currently Material is the only option but this will expand as needed.
    If you intend to use this new command you will need to add the following in your en-lang.yml if you have a previously generated one;
    Code (Text):
    itemInfo: '&aItem Material_TYPE; &b%item_type%'
    noItemInHand: '&cYou are not holding an item in your hand!'
    • Option to disable the inventory bypass permission in the config.yml for those who use the * permission.
      • InventoryBypass-Permission: false to the config.yml
    • Full support for special characters.
      • YAML files have been converted to UTF-8 to better support a larger variety of special characters.
    • Support for JSON open_url.
      • You can now add clickable links to your JSON books.
    Code (Text):
    <hover type="open_url" value="">"Click to view ItemJoin."</hover>
    • Support for JSON run_command.
      • You can now add clickable text to run commands.
    Code (Text):
    <hover type="run_command" value="/say ItemJoin is so AMAZING!">"Click to run a Command."</hover>

    • Placement itemflag not working for skull items.
    • Placement itemflag not working when placing non-block items in item-frames.
    • Console command errors when executing /itemjoin get <item> <player>
    • Removeall command messages not being received correctly.
    • RemoveAll command errors when executing as console.
    • Splash Potions not being enabled in Minecraft v1.8.8.
    • GameProfile bugs with Skull Items in Minecraft v1.7.
      • Minecraft v1.7 does not support offline skull owners, therefore the player specified as the skull owner will need to have previously joined the server in order to receive the player's skin.
    • ItemID's as of Minecraft v1.13 is no longer supported, if you use a lesser version of Minecraft [v1.7 - v1.12] then ItemID's will continue to function.
      • ItemID's have been removed from Minecraft as well as Spigot/Craftbukkit's API as of the v1.13 Aquatic Update.
      • ItemID's in Minecraft v1.13 will technically still work using the conversion method I have added but it is recommended to switch away from old ItemID's as soon as possible. I have added this conversion method to prevent your items.yml from blowing up when you upgrade an old config file to v1.13.
      • Again please note; I really recommend no longer using item id's with ItemJoin as it can cause issues, more specifically you receiving the wrong item or no item at all.
    • Updated configuration files to have the correct data-values and material names to function normally on Minecraft v1.13.
    • Completely reworked the Items Commands to optimize performance.
    • Completely reworked map items to optimize performance and to fix rendering issues.
      • Map_ID's will no longer be used because of this, now uses the next available map-id to prevent map-id conflictions with other plugins.
      • Map items will no longer have their image flicker when another player joins the server.
      • Map items will no longer have their image permanently disappear when another player joins the server.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Please see the documentation page if you need any help with these new updates!
    If you have any ideas or requests that you would like to see in ItemJoin's future please submit a feature request.
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