Recent Changes

Jun 30, 2017
Recent Changes
  • Note: items.yml, config.yml and en-lang.yml are now on version 6! Upon downloading this version these configuration files will be saved & regenerated!


    • Support for CraftBukkit & Spigot 1.12.
    • Support for AuthMe's new v3 API
    • New ways of formatting code.
    • enabled-worlds identifier, you can now list the enabled worlds per-item. If enabled-worlds is doesn't exist for the item then the items will be given in all worlds.
    • You can now set each individual item to be given either every time or every first join.
    • Multiple slot selections for each item making it so you don't have to create so many of each exact item. Slots can now be separated by commas; slot: 1, 2, 3, 4. This also includes support for multiple Arbitrary slots.
    • Log-Coloration option to remove color codes outputted by ItemJoin to console.
    • items-Overwrite option to prevent overwriting players inventory, set to true to just force set ItemJoin items.
    • The failed number of items are given in text to the player, unless items-overwrite is set to false. If you wish for the message to not be sent but prevent items from being overwritten you can remove the message from the lang.yml.
    • New "triggers" these give items on the specified triggers which are, join, respawn, world-change and region-enter. If triggers are not defined, the join trigger will be the only one that works and items will only be given on join.
    • Custom potion-effects to all types of potion bottles. Formatting goes as such Effect:LevelOfEffect:DurationInSeconds as you can see below I did Jump level 2 with 120 seconds of time applied to you upon drinking it.
    • Custom potion-effects to on consume of golden apples. This works for both notch apples and regular golden apples. The formatting is the same as the potion items. That being Effect:LevelOfEffect:DurationInSeconds.
    • Message and switching server commands via items now have cooldowns if specified.
    • items-Spamming to the items.yml setting this from false to true will allow players to rapidly click their items and execute commands.
    • Inventory Click Commands. You can now click an item in your inventory to execute a command.
    • Items being able to execute multiple commands, define separate left and right clicks. Left clicks, right clicks, multi clicks being both left and right clicks, and physical for interacting with pressure plates and such.
    • commands-type. There is now interact that being left, right click and physical type of events and then inventory, that being clicking the item in the inventory.
    • commands-sound. Play a sound when the player right clicks or left clicks an item in their hand.
    • Debugging mode in the config.yml mostly for developer use.
    • Items-Permissions, you can now disable the permissions of giving items, just by setting it to false in the config.yml.
    • Clear-Items: in the config.yml, All will clear any item in the players inventory, ItemJoin will clear only ItemJoin items.
    • Support for WorldGuard Regions!! Added WorldGuard to the config.yml set to true to use regions.
    • enabled-regions to the items.yml, you will add this to each item you want in certain regions, just like enabled-worlds.
    • Generations to custom books, this is more for creating a proper item but it can be changed by the user, its usually left undefined and I have the plugin auto set it to Generation.ORIGINAL
    • New language method allowing easier additions of other languages.
    • You can now simply remove anything from the lang.yml to no longer send the message.
    • Support for ChestCommandsGUI, MyCommands, Buycraft and other similar plugins now work for their commands. I have changed the commands to dispatch as player chat rather than a player command and that ended up doing the trick.
    • LICENSE_GPL3.txt to prevent ItemJoin from being stolen.
    • LICENSE_MIT.txt to prevent ItemJoin from being stolen.
    • Better support for previous Minecraft versions, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.11, 1.12.


    • Issue where if the count was not the same as the config it would not update (fix) the item.
    • Bug allowing players to move items to and from their hot bar using their cursor & num 1-10 on their keyboard.
    • Creative mode duplicating items, however your inventory will now be forced closed when in creative mode if you click a non-movable item.
    • Name formatting issue with having no format codes specified. This would cause the name to auto-underline itself.
    • Skulls now properly render and the skin will appear for the player.
    • Custom Books can now have commas in them, they will no longer be removed and there will be no random commas anymore.
    • Some map rendering and fixed custom maps lag!
    • Items will continue to be ItemJoin items even if durability to those items are taken unless defined otherwise.

    • FirstJoin mode, players uuid's will now be saved.
    • Input for saving players items in the first-join.yml.
    • Completely recoded custom books.
    • clear on join and clear on world changed. This can now be located in the config.yml.
    • Clear itemflags with generalized options. Put in config.yml you can either use All for all items in inventory or ItemJoin for all ItemJoin items in inventory, no more specifics.
    • Custom Maps now only render ONCE reducing A LOT OF lag!
    • How Inventory Updating is handled. May prevent more ghost images of items than before.
    • containsIgnoreCase() method with toUpperCase and toLowerCase to make string methods easier, such as enchants names, itemflags, worlds, etc.
    • Enchantments are no longer case sensitive.
    • Item ID's (Bukkit Names) are no longer case sensitive, this has nothing to do with item id # (Numbers).
    • Worlds are no longer case sensitive.
    • itemflags are no longer case sensitive.
    • Slot Id is now saved in the items name, now allowing you to create multiple of each item with different slots.
    • Defining all under enabled-worlds is now the new global tag. You would now set up the enabled-worlds as such to get the item in all worlds without defining each individual world name. These are four examples of using the global option.

    • clear-on-worldchanged itemflag.
    • clear-on-join itemflag.

    I appreciate your guys patience and I hope you enjoy all the new features and changes made to ItemJoin. All these new changes have made ItemJoin smoother, and allow me to add future expansion to this plugin. The amount of decreased lag the plugin is at now is amazing.

    As of now, updates will go back to regularly coming out every half month to a month (Unless a breaking bug is found I will upload sooner).

    I have added a Jenkins server for snapshots to test and a discord server if anyone is seeking immediate help. I will be updating the documentation pages and ItemJoin's front page over the next few days will all the new information.
    Jenkins server;
    Discord server;

    Please see the documentation page if you need any help with these new updates!
    If you have any ideas or requests that you would like to see in ItemJoin's future please submit a feature request.
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