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Jan 27, 2019
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    Bugs or issues left in a review will not be answered.
    If you open a bug report I will work to resolve it and get back to you ASAP.

    I installed ItemJoin but I am not getting any items!
    Example; deoped players or players with the default permissions plugin group rank do not get the items when they join but oped players do.

    This is because you didn't setup the permissions correctly. If you have a permissions-node defined under the items you must use that permission in the permissions group. Otherwise you have to use one of the two default permissions;

    Code (Text):
    description: Replace Name with the name of the specified item and WorldName with name of world to receive that item.
    default: false

    description: Gives permission to get all items from specified world.
    default: false

    (I recommend itemjoin.worldname.* as it would be easier)

    or you can set your own custom permission nodes for each item. See;
    just add permission-node: 'itemjoin.ultra' to your item. You can change the permission node to whatever you want just add the permissions to a permissions plugin afterwards.

    Remember permissions are also case sensitive, even the world name!
    This is because of java restrictions and hopefully will change in the future. Sometimes certain permissions plugins fix this but in reality it depends on the permissions plugin you use.

    I am having issues with PlaceholderAPI.
    I have a problem with placeholders... My PlaceholderAPI is up to date, as well as ItemJoin.... This is what I see;


    You are seeing this issue because you need to download vault-extention from the cloud, you can do this by typing /papi ecloud download Vault. PlaceholderAPI will then download this extension and you will need to restart your server for this to take effect, now any vault placeholders will work!

    If you need other extensions just look through the list /papi ecloud list all.

    I am having issues with ChestCommands GUI.

    Example; I have a custom command bound to a menu but when I execute the command using an ItemJoin item it says unknown command!

    The best way I can explain it is the custom commands that are registered from his plugin are not real. They are ghost commands that are registered after ALL of your plugins are done loading. Therefor we cannot grab the command or communicate with it in any way.

    The easy solution though is to use ChestCommands RAW commands.
    You would want to use /cc open [file] and file is the name of the file in the ChestCommandsGUI folder, such as I named this menu options.
    So as shown below I would replace [file] with my options menu;

    Code (Text):
            - 'player: cc open options'


    Code (Text):
            - 'cc open options'

    As long as its not a custom command you created within ChestCommands, it will work.
    Still don't understand or need more help on this issue? See this completed ticket; here

    I am having issues with MyCommands.
    Example; I have created a custom command but when I execute the command using an ItemJoin item it says unknown command!

    MyCommand has implemented a way for other plugins to use their commands via raw commands.

    Use this;
    Code (Text):
            - 'console: mycmd-runas player %player% /putcommandhere'
    replace putcommandhere with the name of the command in the mycommands file, not the header but the actual command such as;


    command: /gm
    type: ALIAS
    alias: /gamemode
    permission-required: true

    I created this in the MyCommands.yml. I need the /gm part.

    So I would put it in my ItemJoin items.yml like this;
    Code (Text):
            - 'console: mycmd-runas player %player% /gm %player% 1'
    This will set the user who ran the item command to creative.
    %player% gets the user who ran the item command.
    Makesure you include a / when you type the command from mycommands.
    console: mycmd-runas player %player% / is required as it is the basics to start at.
    So basically console: mycmd-runas player %player% /<Run This Command>

    My issue is not listed.
    If your issue is not listed please send me a direct message or open a bug report on ItemJoin's Github Repository and I will get back to you ASAP. If you need to get a hold of me quickly, feel free to join the Discord Server!

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