Jul 5, 2017
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    The Resources section is a very valuable tool we are lucky to have as a community. Here, developers are allowed to submit their plugins, whether it be for BungeeCord or Bukkit. Unlike BukkitDev, submission are instantaneous, therefore there is no verification/approval process, and there is more leniency on what kind of content can be submitted (such as plugins that help secure offline-mode servers).

    This section consists of 6 main categories:
    • Bungee - Proxy: Plugins that go in your BungeeCord plugins folder.
    • Bungee - Bukkit: Bukkit Plugins that require BungeeCord to function properly.
    • Bukkit: Plugins that go in your Bukkit/Spigot plugins folder.
    • Premium: Paid plugins, where you can pay the developer to gain access to the download.
    • Standalone: Applications that do not require the use of any plugin APIs.
    • Universal: Plugins that can run on both BungeeCord and Bukkit.
    • Web: Minecraft related "web-resources" which use HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python etc...

    When submitting a resource you must remember to follow these guidelines:
    • Any malicious plugins will be deleted instantly and you will most probably be banned, this could include things such as:
      • Making you or other players operator
      • Ruining/corrupting worlds
      • Deleting any data or folders
      • Any other thing you wouldn't do to your best friend
    • Any plugins that could be rude or offend users
    • Any stolen work, nothing that is just something you renamed etc. without the permission of the creator

    For a full list of guidelines, please review the SpigotMC rules.

    Resource Wikis

    This wiki section also contains wikis contributed by resource developers for their own documentation purposes. If you are seeking a particular resource's documentation, please refer to menu on the sidebar to see a comprehensive list of all the resources that actively maintain wikis here on SpigotMC.
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