RewardsPlusPlus - Permissions&Commands

Dec 15, 2016
RewardsPlusPlus - Permissions&Commands

    Hello and welcome to the Official Rewards++ Wiki,
    Here you can learn how to create rewards and about the plugin placeholders and such.

    This is the list of commands and permissions:
    /rewards (rewards.rewards)
    This command will open the rewards gui.
    /rewards help (
    This command shows a list of commands in game.
    /rewards pushdb (rewards.pushdb)
    This command pushes rewards.yml rewards into the database.
    /rewards flushrewardsdb (rewards.flushrewardsdb)
    This command requires MySQL to be enabled it besically clears all current rewards from the database and pushes the ones in the rewards.yml
    /rewards reload (rewards.reload)
    This command will reload configs and if MySQL enabled will try connection.
    /rewards clearcooldowns <player> (rewards.clearcooldowns)
    This command will clear out all existing cooldowns from specified player.
    /rewards addvotes <player> <amount> (rewards.addvotes)
    This command will add the specified amount of votes to the specified player.
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