RewardsPlusPlus - Placeholders

Dec 15, 2016
RewardsPlusPlus - Placeholders

    Hello and welcome to the Official Rewards++ Wiki,
    Here you can learn how to create rewards and about the plugin placeholders and such.

    Rewards++ Uses PlaceholdersAPI placeholders allowing you to use over 1k+ placeholders in case of any of them not working please make sure you have downloaded their placeholders hook and if its still not working then contact me.
    You can use this placeholders in any other plugin that supports PlaceHoldersAPI
    This one will display the amount of available rewards.
    This one will display the amount of votes a player have made.

    Rewards++ uses its own placeholders too for special texts like the cooldown lore or commands.
    For those you would use:
    This will display the sexy time formatted text.

    and for the time format for day or hour or min or sec you use these:

    Now if you want to get the player name on the commands simple type in chat
    /papi ecloud list all
    and click on Player
    It will download the players placeholders else the commands won't work.
    And if you want to place 1k+ rewards into your rewards lores, commands hologram text, gui inventory name etc.. Head to PlaceholdersAPI placeholders page!

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