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Dec 15, 2016

    Hello and welcome to the Official Rewards++ Wiki,
    Here you can learn how to create rewards and about the plugin placeholders and such.
    Lets get started by installing the plugin.
    Step 1: Download Rewards++ from the download pages,

    Step 2: Make sure you have downloaded all its dependencies!
    Step 3: Put Rewards++ and its dependencies into the plugins folder.

    Step 4: Stop/Restart your server.

    Take a look at the commands and permissions: Click me!

    Now that you have all setup now lets config the plugin a little bit!

    The plugin it self will generate a config.yml and a storage folder as we are using flat_file you can switch between flat_file and mysql but thats advanced topic. Here is the folder the plugin should generate.
    Now the config should look something like this:
    Code (Text):
    [FONT=Courier New]
    [LEFT][FONT=Courier New]
    [LEFT][FONT=Courier New]
    [LEFT][FONT=Courier New]
    [LEFT][FONT=Courier New]rewardsPlusPlus:
      updateCheck: true

      # Please only disable if you see the server is having problems because of metrics.
      useMetrics: true

        days: "%rewards_days% days, "
        hours: "%rewards_hours% hours, "
        minutes: "%rewards_minutes% minutes, "
        seconds: "%rewards_seconds% seconds"
      # Recommended! disable only when spigotmc is down for maintenance or having issues,
      # or you have last version but still tells you to update.

      - '&a&o[+1 Vote]'
      - '&6&oThanks for voting %player_name%, Total votes: &e&o%votes%'
        autoGuiSize: true
        #Gui-size goes up to 6, those are the lines of the gui max is 6
        guiSize: 6
        guiName: '&a&lRewards: %rewards_available%'

        enabled: false
        #Setting this will elevate the hologram from the given location.
        offsetY: 0.5
        - '&7&m-----------------------'
        - '&7You have &b%rewards_available% &7rewards available!'
        - '&7&m-----------------------'
        location: ''

      #storage type can be either MySQL or flat_file
      #if type is mysql fill the things below if their invalid the plugin will not enable.
      #The address is defined as follows <address>:<port>
        type: "flat_file"
        loadRewardsOn: "flat_file"
        loadCooldownsOn: "flat_file"
        address: "localhost:port"
        user: "root"
        password: "password"
        database: "database"

        no-permission: '&4&oYou do not have permission for this command.'
        player-offline: '&a&oPlayer must be online to execute this command.'
        mysql-disabled: '&4&oYou need to enable MySQL in the &e&oconfig.yml &4&oto use this command.'
        hologram-disabled: '&cHologram needs to be enabled in config to do this command.'
        hologram-block-out-of-reach: '&cBlock is out of reach.'
        hologram-block-set: '&aBlock was set.'
        clear-cooldowns-success: '&aSuccessfully cleared &b%player_name% &acooldowns!'
        votes-added: '&aVotes where added to %player_name% successfully!'

    In there we can edit things as the Storage type we want to use and such.
    We can edit all types of messages send by the plugin and i have made so you can make really customized time formats. cool huh? to do so you would have to edit this section:
    Inside the "" you can edit if the cooldown had more than 1 day or hours, etc.
    The same applies to all the messages you want to edit. i Won't go over on how to edit messages because thats really basic and i mean come on its simple xD.
    So now if you have a network aka you use BungeeCord or just have different servers and want them to have the rewards in all of them with the same players cooldown. You may want to switch to MySQL storage. In this section you can put all your MySQL info:
    You should know how to create MySQL databases by now if not then you shouldn't be having a network...

    Now continue to learn how to create rewards. Click me!

    Take a look at the placeholders:Rewards++ Placeholders
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