RS - Commands

May 3, 2018
RS - Commands
  • View commands regarding RuneStones.


    Player Commands:

    /rune - Open your runestones main menu.
    /runes - Quickly open your rune activate/deactivate menu.
    /runebag or /rb - Open your runebag
    /runeshop or /rshop - Open the rune shop to purchase runes.

    Admin Commands:

    /rs give <player> <amount> <rune> - Give a player a certain number of runes.
    /rs list (<cosmetic/effecting/other>) - List all loaded runes in the plugin.
    /rs reload - Reload configuration file.
    /rs shards give <player> <amount> <rarity> - Give a player a certain amount of shards.
    /rs shards take <player> <amount> <rarity> - Take a certain amount of shards from a player.
    /rs shards balance <player> or /rs shards bal <player> - View shard balance of a player.

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