RS - Permissions

May 30, 2020
RS - Permissions
  • View all permissions regarding RuneStones.

    Rune Permissions:

    runestones.rune.* - Access to all runes.
    runestones.rune.<rune> - Access to a specific rune (<rune>)

    See rune list here or use /rs list in game.

    Command Permissions:

    runestones.admin - Permission to access admin commands. (/rs)
    runestones.use - Permission to open /rune gui.
    runestones.runebag.use - Permission to use runebag.
    runestones.runeshop - Permission to access rune shop (/runeshop)
    runestones.shards - Permission to forge & shatter runes.

    Other Permissions:

    runestones.slots.(2-8) - Change number of slots a player has. By default all players have 1 slot.
    runestones.forgeslots.(2-3) - Change number of forging slots a player has.
    runestones.runebag.(2-3) - Change the level of the rune bag. 1 has 9 slots, 2 has 18 slots, 3 has 27 slots.
    runestones.quickactivate - Allows players in survival to use the quick activate feature.
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