RS - Permissions

Jan 8, 2018
RS - Permissions
  • View all permissions regarding RuneStones.

    Rune Permissions:
    runestones.rune.* - Access to all runes.
    runestones.rune.<rune> - Access to a specific rune (<rune>)
    See rune list here or use /rs list in game.

    Command Permissions:
    runestones.use - View /rune and activate/deactivate runes.
    runestones.list - List all runes in your version.
    runestones.reload - Reload configuration file.
    runestones.admin - Give runes to players.
    runestones.slot - Add/remove slots from players.
    runestones.runebag - Allows player to open their rune bag (/rb).
    runestones.signs - Permission to create RuneStones buying signs.
    runestones.see - Admin command allowing user to view others runes.​
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