RS - Rune Library

Apr 15, 2020
RS - Rune Library
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    Effecting Runes

    Speed I, II, III, IV, V Runes - Gives wearer varying walking speed boosts depending on the rune level.
    Jumping I, II, III Runes - Gives wearer the ability to jump high.
    Space Rune - Gives wearer a space-like feel with low-gravity jumping and no fall damage.
    Fire Resistance Rune - Makes wearer immune to fire damage.
    Strength I, II, III, IV, V Runes - Gives wearer an incredible strength boost.
    Diver Rune - Allows wearer to breath underwater and see clearly with night vision.
    Invisibility Rune - Turns to wearer invisible while active.
    Resistance Rune - Gives the wearer resistance effect.
    Regeneration I, II, III Runes - Gives wearer regeneration powers.
    Haste I Rune - Allows wearer to mine faster.
    Luck I Rune - Gives wearer the luck effect. (1.9+ only)
    Flipper Rune - Gives the wearer the ability to swim the dolphins grace (1.13+ only)

    Cosmetic Runes

    NOTE: All cosmetic runes will be 1.13+ for the time being. This will only apply to you if you are running a version higher than 4.0.4. This is due to compatibility issues with 1.13, I will try my best to make them version compatible in a future update.

    Helix I Rune - Creates a magical helix around wearer.
    Helix II Rune - Creates a sparkling helix around wearer.
    Helix III Rune - Creates a musical helix around wearer.
    Aura I Rune - Gives wearer a super lit aura.
    Aura II Rune - Gives wearer a mysterious aura.
    Aura III Rune - Gives wearer an enchanting aura.
    Aura IV Rune - Gives wearer a freezing aura.
    Aura V Rune - Gives wearer a dark aura.

    Other Runes

    Flight Rune - Gives wearer the ability to fly.
    Feather Foot Rune - Wearer takes no fall damage.
    Saturation Rune - Food is no longer needed for the wearer.
    Double XP Rune - Mobs drop double XP for wearer.
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