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Mar 4, 2019
RuneStones Wiki
  • This is the wiki page for RuneStones. See real plugin page here.

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    Important: Now that runes are completely configurable, this does pose some small issues. For example, if a player is given a rune that is previously named "Speed I", but you then change the rune name to "Super Fast", the rune being stored inside normal inventories (not the rune bag) will not update this rune. That means that the "Speed I" rune will no longer be usable. Please keep this in mind when changing rune data. I suggest you setup all the names before using the plugin, that way you don't have to worry about players losing their runes. There is a small work around that could fix this, but it would mean not having the runes look completely custom, which is why I avoided doing that.

    How To...
    How Does "Rune Recycling" Work?
    Rune recycling offers players a viable, and profitable option to rid themselves of duplicate runes. By having the ability to shatter duplicate runes to gain shards of different rarities, the players can then use those shards to forge runes. For example, shattering a rune of legendary rarity will award players with a configurable amount of legendary shards. Then players can pay a configurable amount of those shards to begin forging a rune. Rune forges of the highest tier of rarity take up to a day. (The forge time is all configurable).

    Forging Runes:
    Forging runes is a great way for players to try and discover runes that they don't have. With forging there are some key things to note.

    1. Players can only have a maximum of 3 forging slots. (Default is 1)
    2. Until the forge is complete, the rune is unknown to the player.
    3. The rune is completely random, but will be of the rarity of the shards you used to forge it.

    Important: As a previous server owner myself, I know how important it is to have players come back. Rune forging creates yet another reason for players to come back on a daily basis and check your server. By having rune forge delays, it creates getting runes more challenging, and allows for players to have to spend more time on your server to get the best runes. Personally, I suggest keeping the delays, 1 day for a legendary rune is very reasonable, and should keep your players coming back for more :)

    Still confused? Take a look at some of these pictures to help give you an idea of how this works.

    The Four Types Of Rune Rarity:
    1. Normal
    2. Unique
    3. Epic
    4. Legendary
    Why are these rarities so important? Rarities are a way for players to be able to identify which runes are more valuable than others. Rarity is also extremely important in terms of forging runes. When a rune begins forging a random rune of that specific rarity will be chosen to be forged.
    What is The "Rune Bag"?
    The rune bag is a backpack like command which allows players to store up to 27 different runes. Rune bags have different levels, the first being tier 1, which is the default level for all players. See the permissions page for changing bag levels.

    How Does The Rune Bag Work?
    The rune bag only let's players store runes within the inventory. Trying to place other items in the bag is not possible. These runes are saved, and are safe even when the player dies. To disable the use of rune bags, see the permission page. If you have multiple of the same rune, they can stack within the rune bag.

    Rune Bag Tiers:
    Tier 1: 9 slots
    Tier 2: 18 slots
    Tier 3: 27 slots
    How Can I Change Prices?
    You can change prices within the runes.yml file. The default prices are just determined by rarity, but most likely will not fit your economy. So before making the rune shop open to players, I suggest editing the prices.

    How Can I Stop Players From Buying A Rune?
    By not giving players the permission to use that rune, it would be useless to buy or have. If you would like the rune to just not show up in the shop, simply set the cost of the rune to be -1. Then the rune will no longer appear in /runeshop.
    What is "Quick Activate"?
    Quick activate is a new feature introduced in the recode. This feature allows players to quickly equip runes without having to open any GUI or use any command. All a player must do is shift and left click on the rune in their inventory, and it will be activated (if they have permission, and it is not already equipped).

    Only works in survival mode for now.
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