Server Icon

Sep 10, 2017
Server Icon
  • Server Icon

    Information on Server Icons for Spigot and BungeeCord

    What is the server icon(top)

    The server icon, is a small .png image that is shown next to the server, if a user adds the server to their server browser.
    The server-Icon may also be downloaded by "Minecraft server lists" websites that use it as a picture for the server.

    The server-icon helps users to easily recognize the server when scrolling through their server list.


    Open an image maker/editor of your choose, and make any picture that is 64x64 pixels big, it needs to be saved in the PNG format.
    The file must be called server-icon.png in order to be recognized by the server

    Place the server-icon.png in root directory (the same folder as the Spigot or Bungeecord.jar)
    You must restart the server after you place the file in the folder to have it be recognized by the server.
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