Mar 19, 2018

  • Permissions(top)

    Permissions can be granted or revoked. There are two main types of permissions, those added by ServerGuard into the server and native Java permissions.

    The format of a permission depends on its type, but it starts with the following syntax:
    Code (Text):
    package.of.permission.Permission data1 data2
    To negate a permission simply add a "^" in front like
    Code (Text):
    ^package.of.permission.Permission data1 data2

    File permissions(top)

    File permissions indicate if a file or folder can be read, altered or deleted.
    Code (Text): directory\here read,write,delete
    To specify only read or write permissions simply just type "read,write" or "read"

    The directory is relative to the server.jar - when it ends with "\-" it indicates all subfolders
    When it ends with "\*" it indicates all files in the folder but not subfolders.

    Example of granting read permissions to all worlds:
    Code (Text):

    - ' worlds\ read,write'
    - ' worlds\* read,write'
    - ' worlds\- read,write'
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