Servers Core compatible with SpawnShield

Sep 1, 2018
Servers Core compatible with SpawnShield
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    Servers Core compatible with SpawnShield
    Discover SpawnShield compatible server cores.

    Is SpawnShield compatible with all server cores?
    No, we focus on the main server cores. In this case: Bukkit, Spigot

    However we try to make compatible some forks of Bukkit and Spigot. But as SpawnShield's license agreement states:
    The plugin is intended for private use and be on a Minecraft server to add plugins to it and compatible with's server system. Any other server system derivation other than Bukkit or Spigot will not be supported by the developer(s). »

    What forks are you trying to make compatible?
    SpawnShield tries to support only Spigot forks. In this case the following:
    • PaperSpigot
    • TacoSpigot

    Can I ask for help if I use SpawnShield on a fork?
    We will recommend that you use a standard version of Spigot. However if the bug occurs on the standard versions, there are chances that the bug will also be fixed on the forks. Otherwise we will not give specific help to forks.
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