Services & Recruitment

Nov 24, 2017
Services & Recruitment
  • Services & Recruitment on SpigotMC

    The Spigot Forums are a place for the community to interact and help each other, it's also a place where you can everything you might need for your server. This isn't limited to the resources or help you can find here from other's in the community, there is a specific section of the forums were some people offer up their services to others in the community and people looking to hire someone for a certain project might do so.

    This is the Services & Recruitment section of the forums, this category can, in a broad sense be divided into two sub-categories, the hiring forums, and the offering forums. In each of these sub-categories you will find a Forum related to: Developers; Designers & Artists; System Administrators and finally Builders.

    Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this section of the forums, and their answers.

    Q: Why can't I post in this section?
    A: To make a post under any sub-forum of the Services & Recruitment category, you will need an account at least 1 week old and also a minimum of 20 posts.

    Q: Can I sell pre-made products here?
    A: No, this section isn't for the sale of pre-made products. If you would like to sell a resource Spigot has a specific place for this which you can find HERE, any other products are considered not to be suited for the SpigotMC website, by it's Staff.

    Q: What must I have on my thread in order to be approved?
    A: When submitting a thread make sure you have the following things stated: Payment, Time Frames, Contacting, Transcription of any images. Here is an easy checklist for fast approval provided by SpigotMC Staff.
    • Provided a method of contact
    • Provided a time frame for completion of work
    • Provided a transcription of images that contain relevant details
    • Have not asked users to reply on the thread
    • Listed for yourself or as an approved middleman
    • Listed in the correct sub-forum
    • Follow forums’ rules
    • Provided budget that is fair for the work

    • Provided a pricing structure

    Q: Is unpaid work allowed?
    A: Unpaid work is allowed ONLY in the Hiring sections of this category, meaning you can offer free work but not request it.

    Q: Am I allowed to post a thread as a Middleman?
    A: Yes but only if you are a fully approved Middleman.

    Q: Am I allowed to post a thread for my Team?
    A: Yes, however you must list every member of your team clearly in the thread.

    Q: If my thread fails to meet the requirements what will happen?
    A: You will be contacted by a member of Staff and will have 48 hours to fix the thread, if you do not do this, your thread will be removed without notification.

    Q: My thread was removed and I didn't get any messages from any member of SpigotMC staff, why?
    A: Well, if this happened then it is likely your thread doesn't have 3 or more requirements partially fulfilled.

    Q: Am I allowed to have a ToS?
    A: Yes, however SpigotMC will not enforce all aspects of it upon users, it also wont serve as a shield against section rules.

    Q: How are scams handled?
    A: All scam reports are handled directly with @Dmck2b via private messaging, any public accusations will be ignored.

    Q: What happens to someone who is found guilty of scamming?
    A: Scams in the SpigotMC community are handled with a 4 tier system, which can be found in the spoiler bellow.
    • Low Strike (1 point)
      • Lasts 1 week
      • Does not require an appeal after a week
      • Threads will be either restored automatically after this period or users offered the chance to remove rule-breaking sections
    • Medium Strike (2 points)
      • Lasts for a minimum of 1 month
      • Can request an appeal after 1 month (infraction points stay)
      • Threads can be requested to be restored to public viewing after a successful appeal
    • High Strike (4 points)
      • Lasts for a minimum of 2 months
      • Can request an appeal after 2 months (infraction points stay)
      • Threads can be requested to be restored to public viewing after a successful appeal
    • Permanent Strike (5 points)
      • Permanent, does not naturally expire

    Q: What is considered scamming by SpigotMC staff?
    A: Quite a couple different attitudes can be considered scamming by Staff, bellow are some examples.
    • Offering
      • Thread
        • False portfolio (low)
        • False advertising (low)
      • Generic
        • Not fulfilling after some payment/deposit (medium - high)
        • Delivering buggy/broken + fixing (low)
        • Delivering buggy/broken + not fixing (medium)
        • Selling the work of others (high)
        • Selling pre-made work (high)
        • Backdooring (perm)
        • Falsifying vouches (high)
    • Hiring
      • Generic
        • Not fulfilling payment (medium - high)
        • Chargebacks (medium - high)
    • Generic
      • Pricing structure must be real, not to entice users in (low)
      • Extortion/Harassment/Threats/etc (high - perm)
      • Outright breaking clearly defined section rules (med - high)
      • Editing in sections that break section rules on multiple occasions (medium)
      • Use of an alt account to attempt to bypass account restrictions (perm for both accounts)
      • Requesting / offering services on pirated software (high)
      • Falsifying information in a report/appeal (perm)

    These are just some of the questions I think are important and common about this section, all information from this thread was taken from threads made by official Staff of SpigotMC. I would still recommend that you read up on the section overview thread HERE.
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