Apr 29, 2020
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    • Creator: This is to create your players island with /island, after its created just use /island again
    • Upgrades: The upgrade system lets your island unlock perks.
    • Levelling: The leveling system lets your island level up by regular play or by trading in items to gain levels and this can be changed in the plugin's files
    • Settings: You are able to edit certain settings with your island or the settings for visitors
    • Visiting: You are able to see all the islands you are able to visit with /is visit
    • Teaming: You can add others to your island by inviting them to join with /is invite (player)
    • Weather: You are able to change your weather and time of your island with ease by just doing /is weather
    • Biome: Changing biomes of your island can be accessed by using /is biome
    • Ownership: You are able to mess with who is in charge of the island, transfer ownership, or even set a password if you would like with /is owner
    • Structures: You can create structures by selecting an area with the structure tool using the command '/island admin structure tool' then saving the selected area with the command '/island admin structure save <structure_name>.
    • Holograms: You can set the location of holograms with the command '/island admin sethologram'.
    • Economy: The plugin supports Vault and Coins economy plugins. If you have any suggestions for an economy hook please open a ticket on the support desk.
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