API / Hooks

Mar 29, 2019
API / Hooks
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    If you have any questions about anything feel free to send me a Direct Message.

    How does PlaceholderAPI work?
    How do Placeholders work?
    SignUtils supports PlaceholderAPI, meaning it can hook into the plugin and use those placeholders! You can use ANY of these placeholders, in all parts of SignUtils.

    If you do not use PlaceholderAPI, SignUtils currently only has two placeholders by default; which is %player% and %hitplayer%. This will be expanded upon in the future but it is highly recommended that you use PlaceholderAPI, as it is so useful and has so many features!

    How does Vault work?
    You can hook into Vault into SignUtils which will utilize its properties for utility signs such as the rank utility which checks the player's involved group(s). Without this plugin being enabled and installed SignUtils will disable the rank command and prevent the use and creation of any created signs utilizing the rank sign syntax.

    How does BetterNick work?
    There is nothing here that the user needs to configure, just set BetterNick to true in the config.yml of Signutils.
    This allows SignUtils to easily find your original player name and UUID if you are nicknamed using BetterNick, usually fixing any issues or errors that SignUtils may encounter when this plugin is installed on the server.
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