Simple bank GUI wiki

Oct 15, 2021
Simple bank GUI wiki
  • PlaceHolders (papi) »
    - %bank_balance% return bank balance of player
    - %bank_limit% return bank limit

    Setup guild »

    1- download plugin and place it on PLUGINS folder
    2- download and install Vault economy plugin
    3- run your server and enjoy plugin

    Config »

    if you want to use custom config and setup, first you must change value of UseDefaultConfig to false in config.yml

    each messages can be editable on Messages.yml

    if you want customize Guis go to Guis.yml and edit them
    » you can use player skull , just put vale of type to SKULL then on textures part , set your custom textures

    Admin »

    please don't edit bank data file !
    if you want edit balance of player or set - add - remove it use /bankadmin (version: 1.2+)

    /bankadmin add <player> <amount> » this will be add amount of money to player bank account
    remove <player> <amount> » this will be remove amount of money from player bank account
    set <player> <amount> » this will be set new balance for player bank account
    get <player> » display how much player has money in bank account
    help » see help page

    Commands »

    /bank » display bank menu
    /bank withdraw <amount> » withdraw amount of money from your bank account
    /bank deposit <amount> » deposit amount of money from your bank account
    /bank reload » reload config files

    Permissions »

    bank.reload access to reload command
    bank.admin access to admin commands
    bank.balance access to balance argument /bank balance
    bank.reload access to reload command

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