Aug 16, 2016
  • Skill Configuration
    In the skills.yml you'll have skill definitions like this. This is where you set server-wide default values for the skills.

    duration: 10000
    delay: 2000
    max-distance: 15
    apply-text: '%target% is confused!'
    use-text: '%hero% used %skill% on %target%!'
    period: 1000
    max-drift: 0.35
    reagent: BONE
    reagent-cost: 2
    health-cost: 1
    expire-text: '%target% has regained his wit!'
    exp: 1

    In the classes.yml you'll have a section in your class like this.

    name: Mage
    level: 2
    mana: 10
    duration: 20000
    cooldown: 30000

    These settings will override the default values found in the skills.yml and help customize different classes Skills.

    Permission Skills
    The permission skills have changed a little bit, and now have their own skills file, called permission-skills.yml, this is where you set up the skills, and assign permission hooks to them.

    For the permission-skills.yml, you'll have an entry like this for each set of permission nodes you want to give out:

    usage: Allows a player to use essentials spawn!
    - essentials.spawn

    You can have more than one permission node per skill, and each skill will follow this same type of format.

    Now, in the classname.yml file, under the permission-skills heading, you'll have an entry that looks like this:

    level: 5

    These skills cannot take any of the options that the Heroes skills can, such as reagent, cooldown, mana, etc., this is just a way to grant a class a few extra abilities that you think that they can make use of that are not already in Heroes.

    Official Skills
    • Alchemy: Allows the crafting of potions.
    • Antidote: Cures your target of poison.
    • AssassinsBlade: Buff that poisons your sword, causing it to inflict a damage over time poison on the target.
    • Backstab: Passive buff that causes you to deal more damage to a target when you strike them from behind.
    • Bandage: Heals the target, as well as stops bleed effects.
    • Bleed: Inflicts a damage over time bleed effect.
    • Blink: Line of sight teleport up to 6 blocks.
    • Bolt: Summons a blot of lighning down on the target.
    • Charge: Charges you towards the target.
    • Confuse: Confuses the target, causing a drifting of aim cursor.
    • Curse: Curses the target, which causes the target to have a chance to miss hitting their target.
    • Disenchant: Disenchants your currently held item.
    • Dispel: Removes any magical effects from the target.
    • Enchant: Allows you to enchant items.
    • Escape Artist: Removes any efects affecting your movement.
    • Excavate: Buff that boosts digging speed, and allows instant breaking of dirt blocks.
    • Fire Arrow: Causes the next arrow you shoot to light the target it hits on fre.
    • Fireball: Shoots a fireballs that ignites the target.
    • Fishing: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops for fishing.
    • Gills: Allows you to breath underwater for a short time.
    • Group Heal: Heals nearby members of your party.
    • Harmtouch: Deals damage to a target in melee range.
    • Herbalism: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops when dealing with plants, watermelons, wheat, leaves, etc...
    • IceArrow: Causes the next arrow you shoot to deal ice damage and slow the target that it hits.
    • Icebolt: Shoots a bolt of ice at the target, and extinguishes them if they are on fire.
    • Invuln: Makes you temporarily immune to all damage.
    • Jump: Causes you to jump several blocks in the air.
    • Layhands: Fully heals the target.
    • Mark: Marks a point on the world for use with recall.
    • Might: Boosts your parties damage with all weapons.
    • Mining: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops while mining.
    • One: Provides a short term movement speed boost.
    • PickPocket: Gives you a chance to steal an item from the target's inventory.
    • Piggify: Forces the target to ride a pig for a short time.
    • Poison: Inflicts a poison damage over time effect on the target.
    • PoisonArrow: Causes the next arrow you shoot to poison the target it hits.
    • Port: Teleports you and your party to a set location, locations must be set in the skills.yml file.
    • Pray: Heals the target for a set amount.
    • Recall: Teleports you to the point set by mark.
    • Repair: Allows you to repair items in your inventory for part of their cost.
    • Root: Immobilizes the target for several seconds.
    • Safefall: Allows a short period where fall damage is negated.
    • Shield: Causes a shield item to absorb a portion of incoming damage, shield items are doors and trapdoors, must be in hand to absorb damage.
    • Slow: Causes the target to move slower for a time.
    • Smite: Strikes the player with damage from range.
    • Smoke: Causes you to disappear completely from view for a time, dealing/taking damage ends the effect.
    • Sneak: Allows for sneaking at full movement speed.
    • SuperJump: Launches you into the air, and gives you short term safefall.
    • Superheat: Superheats a pickaxe, causing it to smelt blocks it breaks for a time.
    • Taunt: Taunts enemies around you, causing them to target you over other players.
    • Telekinesis: Allows long range use of buttons and levers.
    • Web: Catches your target in web blocks.
    • Wisdom: Boosts your party’s mana regeneration rate for a time.
    • Wolf: Allow you to tame wolves.
    • Woodcutting: Passive buff that grants a chance of double drops while cutting trees.
    Public Skills
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