Spigot/Bukkit Plugin Development

Feb 9, 2019
Spigot/Bukkit Plugin Development
  • Introduction:
    As I have seen too many new coders struggle on creating their plugin I have decided to start a series of tutorials on how to start developing simple plugins as at the moment I do not have much to do.

    This tutorials are aimed at new Java coders, Hobbyist, and entry level server owners who are just too frustrated on how to start making their own plugin from scratch.

    I am just another hobbyist java coder. I did not learn Java coding from a proper source like a university or an institution. I learned how to code in Java language via the available sources in this community and various documentation in the internet.

    I will expect that some or all of my codes will be scrutinized by expert Java coders/developers and will correct them to their own belief and practice and I also intend to learn from that.

    Productive opinions are welcome.

    This page will be updated on my own or the Spigotmc.org staff discretion.
    Every one is welcome to add their ideas and modify the code or contents of this topic.

    Ow another thing English is not my native language so please pardon me if I make any grammatical mistakes.

    With all of that out of the way lets start:

    Setting up your IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

    Using the Spigot Build Tools to create your first Spigot Minecraft server
    and importing it on your java project to utilize the Spigot api.
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