Spigot Commands and Permissions

Jul 6, 2020
Spigot Commands and Permissions
  • Spigot Commands
    These commands are only found in Spigot

    Description: Will tell the server to attempt to perform a restart (You must have "restart-script-location" filled out correctly for this to work)
    Permission: bukkit.command.restart

    /timings on
    Description: Turns server benchmark timings on (on demand - no restart required)

    /timings off
    Description: Turns server benchmark timings off (on demand - no restart required)

    /timings paste
    Description: Sends all server benchmark timings to http://paste.ubuntu.com which can then be viewed viahttp://www.aikar.co/timings.php

    Description: Will show a super accurate Ticks Per Second (TPS) of your servers current status.
    Permission: bukkit.command.tps
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