Spigot IRC Rules

Aug 8, 2015
Spigot IRC Rules
  • IRC Rules

    IRC is a place for all of us to hang out, chat and provide support. To ensure this, please follow these rules at all times.

    One of the obvious differences in communication through an IRC channel is the lack of physical presence. As such, many things that would normally be implied in a face-to-face conversation (e.g. tone of voice, facial expression, physical movement, etc.) are not present, and this could lead to miscommunication. Human beings tend to depend on these cues to understand the full context of a conversation.

    Understanding this is vital to communicating through IRC, and we have to compensate for the lack of physical presence. The emotional feedback normally transmitted through physical cues has to be adjusted to the world of IRC and text-based communications.

    Exaggeration is one of the most common examples of how the lack of physical presence can come into play. Something that one person may perceive as trivial may be monumental to another. As a result, it is important to keep the channel calm and collected (or, in other words, the “channel temperature”).

    The rules below are intended to help keep #Spigot and #Spigot related channels a happy and community-friendly place. The general aim of these rules is to improve the quality of Spigot IRC for all users.

    Channel moderators will generally warn twice, either verbally or through a kick, which will be followed by a temporary ban up to one week (in most circumstances). If you have any complaints or feel that you have been unfairly banned, please message contact the administration team directly ( [email protected] )

    Keep in mind these are channel specific rules. The SpigotMC IRC network as a whole has a seperate set of rules here, and they are enforced across the network. There may be rules here that are not included below, so please be familiar with these as well. http://irc.spi.gt/rules.php

    Unless otherwise stated, all normal SpigotMC rules apply in addition to those listed below.

    IRC Rules
    1. No trolling, flaming, or flame-baiting.
      1. Keep discussion civil.
      2. Acting like a goof or a troll will get you removed.
      3. Do not bring issues from third party locations into the channel. That includes other channels, other networks, other sites, and anywhere and everywhere else.
    2. No excessive profanity.
      1. Every now and then is fine, but if every other word that comes out of your mouth is profane, that's not okay.
      2. Excessive volatile words will get you removed immediately.
    3. Do not flood or spam the channel, abuse bots, or abuse chat color.
      1. It is impossible to hold a conversation when the channel is filled with inane chatter.
      2. Bots are here to provide information and perform other useful functions.
      3. Abusing bots by spamming commands will earn you a ban.
      4. Chat colors should be used sparingly. Do not color your chat for no good reason.
      5. If you need to paste a number of lines to the channel, use a website such as http://paste.md-5.net/.
      6. Do not run bots in #spigot, #spigot-chat, or other Spigot related channels without authorization.
    4. No advertising servers, services, other channels, or products.
      1. This includes but is not limited to: Server networks, server IP addresses, server hosting sites, plugins you own or develop, your services as a developer, systems administrator, moderator, builder, etc.
      2. Providing information in context is fine, but don't tell everyone your server IP if nobody asked for it.
      3. No soliciting! If you are looking to request a service or advertise a service, this is offered in the Services & Recruitment section on the Spigot Forums.
    5. No threats directed towards other people or servers.
      1. It’s okay to disagree, but don’t resort to personal attacks if you disagree with someone. Be respectful of others and their work.
      2. Do not provoke another person in an attempt to make them disrespect you and get them banned (flame-baiting).
      3. We do not support hate towards other communities, including but not limited to threatening DDoS attacks, harassment, and other such activities. Such actions will involve punishments and sometimes even contacting authorities.
    6. Off-topic discussion is allowed, but Spigot-related discussion takes priority
      1. If somebody joins asking for support, pause your conversation and help them if you can.
      2. If people are actively requesting for, or giving help in #spigot, you can head over to #spigot-chat for more off topic atmosphere.
    7. Keep the chat in English as much as possible.
      1. If you don't speak English, but another person in the channel speaks your language and wants to help, feel free to PM them.
    8. Ban Evasion is NOT allowed.
      1. If you are banned, do not join the channel.
      2. Using the bridge bot to evade your ban is not allowed. Doing this will have your ban mirrored on the Esper channel as well.
      3. The SpigotMC IRC Network bans open proxies, no questions asked. It is a risk to use them.
    9. In dispute of unlisted rules, moderators say is final.
      1. Any complaints about a moderators actions must be directed to md_5.
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