Spigot updater (macOS)

Jan 18, 2019
Spigot updater (macOS)
  • Spigot updater (macOS)

    Automatically create/update a Spigot Minecraft server on macOS

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    Spigot updater (macOS) is an easy way to install and update a Spigot Minecraft server on macOS.

    Once set up, simply open update.command to automatically update your Spigot Minecraft server with the latest version of BuildTools, and then open start.command to begin running the server.

    See polarstoat/spigot-updater on GitHub for download and instructions.


    • You must have Java installed (Java 8 is recommended)


    1. Clone this repository into a new folder for your server, Minecraft server/
      Code (Text):
      git clone https://github.com/polarstoat/spigot-updater.git 'Minecraft server'
    2. Run update.command. It will take some time. When finished, there will be a spigot-X.X.X.jar file in the server folder.
    3. Run start.command. This starts the server


    • update.command: Downloads the latest BuildTools.jar, then builds it, and copies the resulting spigot-X.X.X.jar file into your server folder
    • start.command: Starts running the Spigot Minecraft server


    GitHub repository: polarstoat/spigot-updater
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