SpigotBridge Tutorial

May 23, 2016
SpigotBridge Tutorial
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    Step 1:
    Install BungeeMSG to your Bungeecord server and SpigotBridge to all your spigot servers.

    Step 2:
    Give all spigot servers their Bungeecord name in the cfg.yml. (SpigotBridge)

    Step 3:
    You'll find all supported variables in the cfg.yml. Set 'Use: true' if you want to enable the variable. Set 'Use: false' if you want to disable the variable. All variables can be found here.

    Variables look like this:
    Code (Text):
    %<plugin>-<variable name>-p<1|2>%

    Example Variable:
    Code (Text):
    %essentials-nick-p1% and %essentials-nick-p2%

    Step 4:
    You'll now be able to use the variables in BungeeMSG.

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