Apr 4, 2016
  • Welcome to the SpigotEssentials wiki
    Alright, all I wanted to do on this page is give some help about my plugin, as it is a little confusing and the Essentials wiki doesn't really help you with it. My plugin is just like Essentials, but Essentials hasn't been updated for about 2 years now, and you might be saying right now that you have a working version of Essentials on your server that you downloaded from Spigot. Most likely that is a fork, not a remake. My plugin isn't a fork. It is a total remake of Essentials. That's just something I would like to cover.

    There isn't much to describe here, I will edit most of this later. Here is some FAQ.

    Q: Does this contain all of Essentials features?
    A: No, but it's better than any fork (explained above)

    Q: Why would you try to remake a perfectly good plugin?
    A: Because, I am trying to rewrite a version of Essentials that is updated as often as it can be, so that new commands can be added.

    That's it! Thanks for reading!

    ~ Struck

    Apologies for any errors, I wrote this on my iPhone.
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