SpigotMC Updater (Reloaded)

Apr 29, 2016
SpigotMC Updater (Reloaded)
  • SpigotMC Updater (Reloaded)

    Simple and easy to use script to where you can update buildtools, and bungeecord to preform tasks/ grab neccessary files without opening a browser.

    This ressource is a continuation of the original resource by Legoman99573 as I see that it is a most downloaded source out there. My plan is to clean out the code and add delays to prevent high CPU usage. I was contacting him /via skype and had approval to continue as he can still modify the code before a release is set.

    Config Options(top)

    These configuration methods are in the folder Config.

    Supported Methods(top)

    C:\Program Files (x86)/Git/bin/bash.exe



    Planned options(top)

    Selects service for the code below.

    Where your server is located.

    Used for bug reporting purposes.

    Removed/Unsupported methods(top)

    Replaced by prompting before running as its easier.


    Currently rewriting commands to make it easier than what is currently set.

    Open Source Code(top)

    Here is the place to find all the code at: https://github.com/SpigotMC-Updater-Development/SpigotMC-Updater-Reloaded. You may modify/fork the code as long as you don't redistribute without my consent. Any redistribution reported to me /via PM, or I catch it, will be taken down by me upon request. To contribute to the resource, you must show me previous work so I wont be wasting my time trying to correct code you made a mess with. To contribute, send me a PM /via this service.


    Contributors must PM me with a title with "contributing" somewhere in it and contain this format:

    Github Username:
    Why you want to contribute:
    Link to previous work:
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