Apr 15, 2018
  • SpigotTablistPlus

    Q & A

    Q: I don't know how to setting up the tablist, is there any tutorial?

    A: Unfortunately we don't have video tutorial at currency, but you can look up the thread for best configuration <3

    Q: You said there is so much placeholders, but I could't find it, can you list it below?
    A: Sure, and except these few placeholders implemented, both PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI Supported :D :
    <player_ip> - Player Actual IP
    <player_name> - Player Actual Name
    <display_name> - Player Nick Name
    <player_uuid> - Player UUID
    <player_gamemode> - Player GameMode
    <isSprinting> - Is Sprinting or Not (Return "Yes" or "No")

    Q: I got the error in the console and plugin not worked, what's the correct way to report to you.
    A: Easy, just start the conversation with me, you will get auto-reply first and when I get back to online, solve problems easily <3

    Q: I cannot pay that much!!!!! Can you give me a personal sales?
    A: Umm, Yes, if you contact me I can do that for you since you got some personal reasons.
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