Messages Configuration

Aug 25, 2016
Messages Configuration
  • Messages Configuration:

    Code (Text):
    # > ---
    # > Messages Configuration
    # > Visit Spigot page for more informations
    # >
    # > ---
    prefix: '&f[&eSplash&f] '
    prefix-error: '&f[&cSplash&f] '
            message: '&fPlayer &7%player% &fjoined to the game! &7(&e%players%&f/&e%max%&7)'
            error: '&fYou are already in the game.'
            done: '&fYou joined to the game &e%game%&f!'
            title: '&eJoined to the game!'
            subtitle: '&fCurrent Map: &7%map%'
            message: '&fPlayer &7%player% &fleave the game!'
            done: '&fYou left from the game &e%game%&f!'
            error: '&fYou aren''t in the game!'
            chat: '&fThe game starts in &e%time%&f seconds!'
            alert: '&fThe game is starting within &e%time%&f seconds!'
            minimum: '&fThere are no required players!'
            title: '&e%time%'
            subtitle: '&fPrepare to game'
            - '&a&l&m---------------------------------------------'
            - '%center%&f&lSplash'
            - ''
            - '%center%&eThe game has started!'
            - '%center%&eThe objective of game is to score more points than your opponent'
            - ''
            - '&a&l&m---------------------------------------------'
            - '%clear%'
            - '&a&l&m---------------------------------------------'
            - '%center%&f&lSplash'
            - ''
            - '%center%&eThe game has ended!'
            - '%center%&eThe %team% &eteam won with %points% &epoints!'
            - ''
            - '&a&l&m---------------------------------------------'
        color: '&ePlayer %player% &emistake a own color.'
        suicide: '&ePlayer %player% &ecommitted suicide.'
        block-explosion: '&ePlayer %player% &eexploded!'
        contact: '&ePlayer %player% &epricked.'
        custom: '&ePlayer %player% &ewas killed with unexplained causes.'
        drowning: '&ePlayer %player% &edrowned.'
        entity-attack: '&ePlayer %player% &ewas killed by %killer%&e.'
        fall: '&ePlayer %player% &ehit the ground too hard.'
        falling-block: '&ePlayer %player% &ewas killed by falling block.'
        fire: '&ePlayer %player% &edied from fire.'
        fire-tick: '&ePlayer %player% &edied in lava.'
        lava: '&ePlayer %player% &edied in lava.'
        lightning: '&ePlayer &player% &eelectrocuted.'
        magic: '&ePlayer %player% &ewas killed by magic.'
        melting: '&ePlayer %player% &ewas killed with unexplained causes.'
        poison: '&ePlayer %player% &epoisoned.'
        projectile: '&ePlayer %player% &ewas shot and killed by %killer%'
        starvation: '&ePlayer %player% &estarved.'
        suffocation: '&ePlayer %player% &esuffocated.'
        thorns: '&ePlayer %player% &ewas killed while trying to hurt %killer%'
        void: '&ePlayer %player% &efell into the void.'
        wither: '&ePlayer %player% &ewithered away.'
        permissions: '&cYou don''t have permissions.'
        disabled: '&cYou can only use this command while playing.'
        console: '&cYou can''t do this if you are not in game.'
        cooldown: '&cYou must wait &e5s &cbetween uses!'
            noexist: '&cCouldn''t find any game.'
            gamenoexist: '&cGame &e%game% &bnot exist. To view a list of games, type &e/splash list'
            full: '&cGame &e%game% &cis full!'
            disabled: '&cGame &e%game% &cis not enabled!'
            started: '&cGame &e%game% &cis started!'


    • %player% - Display the name of the player with team color, example: '&aNicc0'
    • %killer% - Display the name of the killer with team color, example: '&5RafaelPL'
    • %players% - Displays the current number of players in the game
    • %max% - Displays the maximum number of players
    • %time% - Displays the time to start game in seconds
    • %game% - Display the name of the game
    • %map% - Display the name of the map
    • %team% - Displays the name with color of team, example: '&aLime' or '&5Purple'
    • %points% - Displays points of winning team
    • %status% - Displays the status of the game
    • %clear% - Displays clear line
    • %center% - Center the text


    If you would like to share with your translation, write me a private message.
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