Spomg.me: License Terms

Feb 2, 2020
Spomg.me: License Terms
  • Spomg.me: License Terms

    Any resource published on this site, or other authorized redistributors, marked as "Powered by Spomg.me" must be only used under the following terms and conditions. Any resource powered by Spomg.me must redirect you to this wiki page.

    Before attempting to buy any of these resources, please, read carefully the following license and its terms:

    1. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are not permitted in any way unless express authorization is given by the author.
    2. This plugin may be used only in one Minecraft server (or Bungeecord network) at the same time unless express authorization is given by the author. Contact the author if you need an extra license.
    3. The entire project and its files are protected with Copyright. Any violation of this author's rights is considered illegal and would violate these License Terms.
    4. Refunds will not be given unless it is required by authorities or Spigot staff under special circumstances.
    5. It is your duty as a buyer/user to report properly any bug that you find in any resource. If not, the bug is likely to persist in future updates and the plugin will not work as expected.
    6. Leaving a bad review (under three stars, included) because of an issue you are having, without having asked for support as per instructions from the documentation, could lead to the privation of the right to receive support. The abuse of this feature could lead to a license suspension.

    Please, if you do not agree with the license terms above refrain from buying or using any of these resources. These License Terms may be changed by the author at any time and without previous notice.
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