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Jun 13, 2015
SQLPerms - Chat
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    SQLPerms is designed to be easy to use, but due to it's nature involving channels some additional configuration is required to allow SQLPerms to display prefixes in chat. Although SQLPerms can work with any permissions plugin, EzChat is the recommended option and, as such, this page's configuration samples will use EzChat.

    There are two primary methods for configuring SQLPerm's chat. One of these is via chat tags, where you enter one or more tags into the chat format of your preferred permissions plugin and the other is displayname mode which allows you to have SQLPerms modify a player's displayname.

    Chat Tags:
    The first and oldest method of configuring chat in SQLPerms is to add a tag to the chat format. These tags follow the format [sqlpermschannel-<channel-name>] and are replaced with each player's rank prefix in the specified channel. If you're not sure what a channel is, read this. For example, if you want to show a player's default channel prefix in front of their name, your chat format would appear like so:
    Code (Text):
    [sqlpermsprefix-default][displayname]&7: [message]
    Displayname Mode:
    Some plugins, namely Factions, are incompatible with the chat tags mode. To get around this, you may use displayname mode. Displayname mode is very similar to chat tag mode in that it uses tags as well, except this time the tags are applied to a player's displayname rather than in the chat format. To begin using displayname mode you need to enable it in SQLPerm's config.yml. There is a setting called "enabled" under "displaynamemode" in SQLPerm's config.yml. Set this to true if you want to use displayname mode. Then, modify the format setting directly under the enabled setting to include your channels of choice. If you are using the default channel configuration, then the default displayname format setting will suffice. If, however, you want to edit it you need to know how it's tags work since they work slightly differently than in the chat tags mode. To show a channel's prefix, use [channel-<channel-name>] and to show a player's name use [name]. For a good example, look at the config.yml's default value.

    NOTE: Enabling displayname mode will disable the ability to use chat tags.
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