SQLPerms - Channels

Jun 13, 2015
SQLPerms - Channels
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    SQLPerms, starting in 2.0, allows a single player to be in multiple groups. However, this is not accomplished in the same way as other plugins handle it. Instead, SQLPerms uses something called channels. Every player on a SQLPerms enabled server will have a rank in each channel enabled on that server. Enabled channels are setup in the configuration. Each channel groups several ranks together, for instance prison server might have 3 channels, staff, donor, and prison. A player's staff rank (or "default" if they are not a staff member) would be stored in the "staff" channel. A player's donor rank could be stored in the "donor" channel, and a player's prison rank (a-z) would be stored in the "prison" channel.

    How to use:
    SQLPerms channels are very easy to use, first choose what channels you want to be enabled in a server by adding them to the server's config.yml like so:
    Code (Text):
      - staff
      - donor
      - prison
    Continuing with the prison example, this server is configured to use the 3 aforementioned channels.
    Then, to set a player's rank in a channel, simply type:
    /setrank <player> <rank> <channel>
    If you do not type a channel, it will default to a channel called "default." Lastly, to setup chat and make sure that prefixes appear, read this page.

    If a server is setup this way, and a player is setup to have the rank "default" in the channel "staff", "free" in the channel donor, and "c" in the channel prison, then a player has the permissions of every rank in the channel (ranks set lower in the config override ranks set higher up in the config for negative permissions). If any one of a player's ranks is set to op, the player will be op even if other ranks disagree.
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