Feb 24, 2019

  • 1. Dancers

    Dancers are the dj and the choreographers.
    You can only set one dj and multiple choreographers


    The choreographers will move together and the dj has its own dance movement.
    The dance is a unique system for prodigynightclub, you can't create your own dance for the moment.
    But you will be able (for a next feature) to select which templates you want for your choreographers or dj. This option is not yet ready.


    • Go where you want the dj and execute /pnc staff set dj
    • You can now spawn the dj using the menu /pnc menu
    • If you want to configure your own dj go inside customDancers.yml
    • Go where you want the dj and execute /pnc staff set choreographer
    • This will spawn the choreopgrapher with id 0
    • You can execute this command again to spawn a choreographer with id 1
    • You can't set multiple choreographer type, I mean all choreographer you spawn will be the same (same movement, same skin)
    If you need to remove staff, just clear the staff.yml and use /pnc nightclub reload (do not remove the file, just remove all sections, included staff:) This is a temporary way, I will implement a /pnc staff remove command soon.


    2. Others

    Planned Features:
    Barman, doorman, Bodyguard, other if you have idea ?
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