StarGate Bungee-The best teleportation for Bungee

Feb 15, 2016
StarGate Bungee-The best teleportation for Bungee
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    It's time to bypass all the limitations and teleport through the whole BungeeCord server network. This page will answer to all the frequently asked questions.

    Is it really working? Am I really able to teleport between servers?
    Yes, it is. The plugin works absolutely fine, and you are able to teleport between the servers.

    How is it possible to do this whole thing without Bungee plugin?
    The plugin uses SpigotLibs BungeeAPI, which has a feature of sending SpigotLib CommandAPI command execution requests to any server having SpigotLib + connected to the same Bungee.
    The StarGate registers 2 custom commands in SpigotLibs CommandAPI:
    The open gate command and the teleportation command.

    Is there any kind of server number limitation in the plugin or in it's license?
    No, there is absolutely no limitation in server count, where you can use it, which means that you are able to use this plugin for even 500 servers connected to BungeeCord and also for just 2 servers connected to BungeeCord.

    Would it be possible to work without MySQL?
    Everything is possible, just not everything is efficient. If you have a server network, with lots of servers connected to BungeeCord, then you should also have a MySQL database. The plugin just uses one table in it, for storing the data about the gates. The MySQL database is the best solution for synchronising data between lots of servers, that's why the plugin uses MySQL, and it doesn't work without it.

    The plugin works for ops, but not for normal players
    You have probably have some kind of permission issue. Make sure to give both sg.usegates, sg.toworld.<gates-destination-world> and sg.toserver.<gates-destination-server> permissions for your players.

    The plugin doesn't work at all for some reason
    First of all you need to know, that the plugin definitely works fine, because it was tested on several server networks. The only reason for not working could be that you did something incorrectly. Make sure to edit the plugins config, only when the server is NOT running. Double check the MySQL and the serverName settings, for being absolutely sure, that you have configured the right data. Make sure to have the latest StarGateBungee version, the latest SpigotLib version and a Spigot 1.8.x server.

    Where can I find the actual feature, commands and permission list of the plugin?
    You can find them in both StarGate and StarGateBungee plugins description
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