Statistics Placeholders

Nov 11, 2018
Statistics Placeholders
  • The following placeholders can be used in Statistics thus far. Requests can be made by private messaging me, PickNChew, or posting on the Statistics plugin thread:

    {blocks_broken} - Amount of blocks a player's broken.
    {blocks_placed} - Amount of blocks a player's placed.
    {player_deaths} - Amount of times a player has died.
    {player_kills} - Amount of times a player has killed someone.
    {player} - Name of the player.
    {displayname} - Display name of the player.
    {free_memory} - Amount of free memory in megabytes.
    {tps} - Server's ticks per second.
    {used_memory} - Amount of used memory in megabytes.
    {players_online} - Amount of players online.
    {player_ipaddress} - Player's ip address.

    {balance} - Player's balance

    {towny_town} - The player's town. NONE if no town.

    {factions_faction} - The player's faction. NONE if no faction.
    {factions_player_power} - The player's power.
    {factions_power} - The player's faction's power. 0 if no faction.
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