SUPERGUILDS Configuration

Jun 10, 2018
SUPERGUILDS Configuration
  • Version: 5.0.4

    Default Config File(top)

    Code (Text):
      Schematics: 'true'
      Debug: 'false'
      Guild-Create-Disabled-Worlds: world_nether,minigames
      MVdW-PlaceholderAPI-Support: 'false'
      MVdW-Emblem-Variables: 'false'
      Notifier-In-Chat: 'true'
      Claim-Disabled-Worlds: world_nether,minigames
      WorldGuard-Support: 'true'
      Claims: 'true'
        Damage-Protection: 'true'
        Chest-Furnace-EnchTable-Workbench: 'true'
        Door-Lever-Button: 'true'
        Block-Break: 'true'
        Block-Place: 'true'
      Tournament-Cooldown: '150'
      Ally-Cooldown: '15'
      Teleport-Time: '7'
      Invite-Time: '30'
      Show-Claims-Time: '10'
      Tournament-Win-Points: '200'
      Leader-Perm-Level: '3'
      General-Perm-Level: '2'
      Captain-Perm-Level: '1'
      Member-Perm-Level: '0'
      Homes: 'true'
      Markets: 'true'
      Guild-Member-Add-Each-Upgrade: '4'
      Capture-Land-From-Guilds: 'false'
      Player-Stats-Show-Location: 'true'
      Start-With-Claim: 'true'
      Start-Gold: '10'
      Start-Magic: '5'
      Required-Gold-To-Create: '100'
      Min-Name-Length: '4'
      Max-Name-Length: '16'
      Max-Claim-Limit: '30'
      Start-MaxSlot: '4'
      Claim-Gold-Cost: '100'
      Death-Penalty-Gold: '100'
        Gold: '500'
        Magic: '25'
        Gold: '800'
        Magic: '100'
        Gold: '300'
        Magic: '10'
        Gold: '1000'
        Magic: '100'
        Level-1-Magic: '10'
        Level-2-Magic: '30'
        Level-3-Magic: '50'
        Level-1-Magic: '10'
        Level-2-Magic: '30'
        Level-3-Magic: '50'
        Level-1-Magic: '10'
        Level-2-Magic: '30'
        Level-3-Magic: '50'
        Level-1-Magic: '10'
        Level-2-Magic: '30'
        Level-3-Magic: '50'
      Division-1-Points: '100'
      Division-2-Points: '250'
      Division-3-Points: '350'
      Division-4-Points: '450'
      Division-5-Points: '550'
      Scoreboard: 'true'
      Use-Own-Inventory: 'false'
      Minimum-Member: '1'
      Game-Time: '5'
      Invite-Time: '10'
      Start-Cooldown: '15'
      Points-Add-Each-Win: '15'
      Points-Remove-Each-Loss: '10'

    General Settings(top)


    If you wanna use schematic buildings, you can enable this. If you don't have schematic files in "plugins/WorldEdit/schematics", this option will disable it.

    WorldGuard Support(top)

    Players can't create guilds on wg region areas. If you add exclusion you can use "/sgadmin region allow <region>"command.


    Claims are protected areas. Only owner of claim can edit that area. To disable this feature, set this "false"

    Claims Protection(top)

    Players won't get any damage from any source while in their claimed areas, If you make this "true"
    Other players can't lookup-edit chest, furnace, enchantment table, workbench, ender chest, jukebox, bed, dispenser, dropper, hopper, trapped chest, brewing stand and note block.
    Other players can't use fence gate, lever, button, doors, trapdoors
    Other players can't break blocks in other guild's claimed areas.
    Other players can't place blocks in other guild's claimed areas.
    'Show-Claims-Time' is cooldown option for "/g showclaims" command spam.

    Disabled Worlds(top)

    You can disable guilds or each features on worlds. To use that write disabled world's name to option.


    SUPERGUILDS supports MVdWPlaceholderAPI and PAPI, so to enable this, set 'Placeholders-Support' to "true". If you use 'Emblem' as variables, you need to enable 'Emblem-Placeholder-Variables' as well.


    All timer options are second timespan.
    'Invite-Time' → "/g invite <player>" cooldown.
    'Tournament-Cooldown' → Tournament starting cooldown.
    'Ally-Cooldown' → "/g ally <guild>" cooldown.
    'Teleport-Time' → Teleporting seconds.

    Claim Notifier(top)

    If you have "SUPERGUILDS_notifier" installed. You can choose what kind of notifier you use.
    'Notifier-In-Chat' is "false" →
    'Notifier-In-Chat' is "true" →

    Rank Levels(top)

    You can set rank levels as well, For example you set 'Member's rank level to 4', Members can do everything leader does.

    Guild Management(top)

    Name Check(top)

    'Min-Name-Length' is for minimum guild name length, 'Max-Name-Length' is max.

    Starting Options(top)

    "Required-Gold-To-Create" → GUILDS takes gold(s) for guild create cost. You can disable this for setting this to "0"
    "Start-With-Claim" → Claims the chunk which players created on.
    "Start-MaxSlot" → This is max player limit of guilds. Guilds will created with this max slot number.
    "Start-Gold" → Guild's starting gold amount.
    "Start-Magic" → Guild's starting magic amount.

    Other Options(top)

    "Claim-Gold-Cost" → This is settings for claiming cost. It takes from "Guild Storage", not player's inventory. So players have to donate his/her gold to Storage by using '/g donate'
    "Player-Stats-Show-Location" → By '/g stats <player>' command. You can see informations about player. That shows even player's HP, Hunger and Location so some players can abuse it.
    "Homes" → To disable "/g home" and "/g sethome" commands, use this option
    "Markets" → To disable "/g market" and "/g setmarket" commands, use this option. Everybody can use "/g market <guild> and teleport this market area.
    "Guild-Member-Add-Each-Upgrade" → This is how much slot added by upgrading Townhall building. As you know each Townhall building upgrade, increases your max slot number.
    "Max-Claim-Limit" → Set maximum claim amount players can own.

    War Options(top)

    "Minimum-Member" → This is how many player do you need to start a war.
    "Game-Time" → minute(s)
    "Invite-Time" → "/g war <guild>" cooldown second(s)
    "Start-Cooldown" → War will start after this cooldown second(s)
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