SuperGuilds FAQ

Sep 14, 2017
SuperGuilds FAQ
  • 1) How do I get mana and gold and stuff like that?
    - For admins: NOT WORK
    - For normal players:
    • Gold ore -> gold
    • Iron ore -> iron
    • Lapis ore -> mana
    • Wood(log) -> wood
    2) How do I get honors?
    - For admins: NOT WORK
    - For normal players:
    • Killing Enderdragon, Wither -> 2 honor (default)
    • Killing Players -> 0.2 honor (default)
    • Killing Zombie, Creeper (active mobs) -> 0.1 honor (default)
    • Killing Pig, Sheep (passive mobs) -> 0.1 honor (default)
    3) How do I enable the scoreboard?
    - Install SG-Scoreboard. (put /plugins/Skript/scripts)
    - Start server.
    - Change {enablescoreboard} to true.
    - Use "/sg reload" command.

    4) What are the buildings and what are they meant for?
    - Townhall: When you upgrade townhall, your guild will have more +4 maxslots.
    - Store: When you upgrade store, your guild will have more +500 store for all resources.
    - Sawmill: When you upgrade sawmill, your guild will have more +3 for when you break a wood.
    - Alchemist: When you upgrade alchemist, your guild will can use /g alchemist command. (magic menu ^^)

    5) How to disable conflict warnings?
    In the config for skript found at plugins/Skript/ scroll down and change this setting to this:
    Code (Text):
    disable variable conflict warnings: true
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