Jan 20, 2016
  • SuperGuilds Premium

    - Creating a custom never before seen claiming system into SuperGuilds more info explained on release
    - Fixing bugs

    Developed by @RepublicanSensei @LimeGlass and @Krieger08

    If you seek further help please private message @RepublicanSensei or @LimeGlass , or use our discussion page found at and to report bugs/issues and requestions please visit

    Skype: RepublicanDogukan
    Warning: We will never ask for a copy of SuperGuilds from you, 9/10 times it will be someone trying to steal a copy of the resource from you for free. Don't send the resource to people you're unsure about.

    When reporting a bug please send us your console log or information on what the bug is.

    You will only receive support when asking with an account that has purchased the resource.
    We will not transfer purchases on bans or to alternative accounts.

    The review section is not a place to ask for questions, features or report bugs. The review section should not be your first resort to seek support.

    No refunds

    By buying this resource you agree that you know the limitations and requirements written above.
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