The Key to a Good Server

Apr 29, 2018
The Key to a Good Server
  • The Key to a Good Server
    "Being unique is better than being perfect" - Unknown
    Creating a server is easy, making it unique is the hard part. Let's take a look at some ways to improve your server!

    The Basics
    Let's begin with the basics. For starters, customize all plugins you add to your server. Make it feel special to the player, even if the plugin is on hundreds or even thousands of server (e.g. EssentialsX) change some things up!

    Of course, adding plugins that aren't on hundreds of servers is even better! The player may have never seen a plugin like it before and that's generally really good sign. It will most likely cause the player to stay (longer) on the server and that's of course your goal as a server owner.

    Types of Servers
    There're a lot of different types of servers. It will be difficult to choose what kind of server you want to create but choose wisely. Here's a list of some current popular server types:

    • Minigames/Hub Servers
    • PvP/Factions/Towny Servers
    • Prison Servers
    • RPG Servers
    • (Semi-)Survival Servers
    • Creative Servers

    So, Minigames, Prison and Factions servers are generally a no-go. There're already so many of these and try to come up with something unique that another server doesn't already have, you can always try if you want to though. There are loads more server types so don't limit yourself to the ones listed here.

    This isn't important to your players to some extent. They don't mind which host you use as long as you use a stable and good one. A server that goes down every hour because your host is bad will cost you your player base. Yes, a good, stable and reliable host can be very expensive and there is no way around it. If you are not sure if a host is reliable or you don't even know where to start searching, you can always ask for help here.

    Custom IP, MOTD & Server-Icon
    There're three things players see before entering your server, the IP, the MOTD and the Server-Icon. Let's begin with the custom IP.

    Custom IP
    When referring to a custom IP we mean a domain, something like: "" or "" and not something like "111.222.444.555:24443". Which one looks better and more proffesional? The first one of course!

    When buying a domain go for a popular one like, ".com" or ".net". Domains can be bought from a lot of different websites, these two are the most popular:

    MOTD & Server-Icon
    The MOTD and the server-icon need to stand out. Take some time to make a nice looking MOTD and use colors. Pay a few bucks for a good and nice looking server-icon, a server-icon doesn't need to be expensive by any means. When both look great players will be more attracted to join as the server looks more high quality and professional!

    Players won't be joining your server out of nowhere. You will have to advertise it! There're multiple ways you can advertise your server but the most popular one is putting your server on voting sites. It's highly recommended to buy so-called 'slots'. Your server will appear above the rest or between the most popular ones. It can be pretty expensive but players will be joining your server in no time!

    Your Staff Team
    A staff team is needed to provide answer to possible questions and punish those who misbehave. It's recommend you start small because your server is beginning small too. Have a few friends you trust to help you moderate the server. When you're in need of new or more staff don't go to a Staff Recruitment Forum but let your players know you're in need of new staff and let them fill in a forum. Choose those who look trustworthy and have been a part of your community for a long amount of time. This way you only have a minor chance of staff misbehaving and/or misusing their staff-powers to gain an upper hand above 'normal' players.

    Having a community is amazing! A forum or a Discord server can improve your relationship with your player base, this is really important. For example, asking players how their day is going on your Discord server can stimulate your players into joining your Minecraft server and playing for a few hours. Players generally appreciate it when you as the owner show interest in them and you can even spark up their day and nothing feels better than making someone happy.

    So the key to a good server is composed of: having a unique and professional looking server, having a good and solid staff team and interacting with your player base.

    Some parts of this guide may be really vague, the reason behind that is that there isn't one good way of creating a good server.

    Good Luck!
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