Tips - Running a successful Minecraft server

Dec 18, 2018
Tips - Running a successful Minecraft server
  • Introduction
    Running a successful minecraft server is of course the dream of every people.

    However, there is no guarantee that you might be in the top of the server-domination.

    Personally, running a server means like you're on the card game. You get the Ace and you win. You get the bad cards, you lose. But there's also a slight chance that you might win, like probably your opponent leaves the game.

    Here are some tips that you might need before starting your server.


    Know your Audience
    There's alot of people made mistake by opening their server to their imagination and ambition. However, you should know where your audience/players came from, the amount of minecraft players in this country, does this country has a great economy and can give me back my server money in return, and so on.

    Be Optimistic
    It doesn't matter how custom, how great, how amazing your server looks. if it's too weird to be played or too hard, too easy, and objective-less. Well, that's how I wasted $100. You should know, is this practical for playing, is your server legible..

    Be Unique
    As a player, I wouldn't like to play a gameplay I've played over and over again. Try to give something that is unique and major people might wants it. You might wonder, is this going to be a successful gameplay? Well now that's quite hard to explain how.

    Keep on Flowing
    Imagine you're playing on a server with a Pirates Gameplay, which is unique at first. You found it is fun to play, but after 1-2 months you decided that the server has nothing new and quite boring. You have to add something or give improvements to your server. Probably new spawn, or new buildings, etc. Not to be philosophical but a server needs to Be Like Water.
    'Running water never stay stable, it just keeps on flowing.' -Bruce Lee

    Be on a player Point-of-View
    Becoming a player allows you to see what's less and what's too much on your server. This is very fundamental for those who try to start a new server. You could experience the feeling of your own server and improve it later on.

    Know your server
    Understand and know what your server is and what is it providing. With this, you can just go on the flow easily.

    Do's And Dont's

    [​IMG] Paying an affordable hosting.
    I mean, who wants to pay $15/gb while you can pay $4/gb with similar performance.

    [​IMG] Investing on a price-acceptable plugin.
    Most servers trying to achieve their best by making the gameplay as custom as possible. So they use custom plugins. But one note here: Never Pay for an overpriced custom plugin. (Simple broadcast plugin for $20? No!)

    [​IMG] Advertisement.
    Well, how would people know your servers if you don't advertise them?
    You might wanna consider youtube-advertisement. For example, you're in USA. So, you want to find a youtuber who make minecraft/gaming related content and pay them for advertising your server.
    It's not that your server target is for Canada but you hire a Vietnam Youtuber. (Example)

    [​IMG] Force-Donating
    This one is quite considerable as forcing players to donate will cause some discomfort and might make them to leave. Because mostly, players just want to play and have fun in their game.

    [​IMG] Giving far-related server content
    If you play on a skyblock server and they suddenly add a survival mode in the same server. Wouldn't it be weird? Like players can just do this and that. Well.. it's up to you actually.

    Server-Experience Sharing
    Hello my name's Gober, you might know me as Jicko Sianjaya.
    I've been running multiple server since 4 years ago.

    The first server I had is Skywars-Only server.
    That time, I was quite obsessed with making a server so this is my first server. It costs $2.5/gb.
    At first, what comes up in my mind was that if I open a skywars server, it would be easy for me to maintain, easy to setup, and popular servers own this, I thought if I made a skywars server it would be popular as well.
    However, after the server is fully setup, first day, there's no one. second day, 1 person, basically only 1-5 person / day. (Note: Me & my Friends). And ofcourse, I stopped. That time, I learned I'm not that optimistic. Because, Skywars is basically the game that player want just to have some fun time, relaxing from the serious gameplays like survival. Which is specifically aimed for Side-Servers, while I made it into my main server with the public plugin (Common Features).

    The most popular server I had is a single-skyblock server & a network,
    Let me just talk about the skyblock server okay.
    That time was holiday time where everyone is having their break and trying to relax. So I decided to create a skyblock server. It was very successful running it. I learned from my mistake from the skywars server, I tried to give the gameplay that the player wants. And it worked! I averaged 60 players. My server also got into the top 3 in the server list and I'm earning more donation than I thought!
    Money comes daily!
    However, days by days, players starts to leave so I just try to give new experience so that they won't be bored. But what I'm wrong at is that, I only want them to stay instead of I want them to have fun. So after about 4-5 weeks after my server peaks. It downhills to average of 10-30 players.
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