TNT-Fill | Useful Tips

Mar 22, 2016
TNT-Fill | Useful Tips
  • These tips are aimed at server owners to increase the performance of the plugin. If you are a user looking for exploits or tips on faster filling, there are none as the filling method currently is the fastest i can make it!

    Some tips:
    • Disable Factions (if you want performance)
    • lower the max radius
    • give -tntfill.bypass to OP so they can't use ridiculous radius'
    • disabling commands will not improve performance
    • if you have limited storage on your server, disable saving selections (also decreases startup/shutdown time)
    • if you don't like the aliases, they can be changed in the settings.yml
    • The help suffix can be changed in the lang.yml or disabled in the settings.yml
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