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Jun 21, 2019
TrickOrTreat Wiki
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    Welcome to the TrickOrTreat Wiki. Here you can find some information about the TrickOrTreat plugin.

    You can find the official plugin page here:

    (Click me)

    Purchase TrickOrTreat


    1. Purchase and download the TrickOrTreat.jar here: TrickOrTreat Download
    2. Download the latest version of Citizens here: Citiziens Download
    3. Drop the Citizens.jar and the TrickOrTreat.jar into you plugins folder.
    4. Start your server.
    5. Edit the config files in the TrickOrTreat folder.
    6. Restart your server again.
    7. ENJOY!

    Setting up the plugin
    After installing TrickOrTreat apply the trickortreat.admin permission to your account. Now type in: /tot help. A help page should show up.
    Now type in /tot setupItem. There should be a Setup-Item Stick in your inventory. SNEAK + Right-Click the stick. A inventory page should pop up. Now you can setup everything shown in the inventory:

    To create a TrickOrTreat door follow these steps:

    1. Place a door on the ground (No iron doors) like this: [​IMG]
    2. Open the setup menu ( SNEAK + Rightclick with the setup item )
    3. Click on Door menu, Create a new door
    4. Click on set door location
    5. Rightclick on the door ( With the setup item )
    6. Click on "Save door"
    7. DONE!
    When you already have placed all doors you want to add, you can use the door mass creation mode. So you only need to rightclick the doors you want to add. Follow these steps
    1. Place all doors you want to add
    2. Open the setup menu ( SNEAK + Rightclick with the setup item )
    3. Click on Door menu, Door mass creation
    4. Rightclick all doors you want to add, Leftclick all doors you want to delete ( With the setup item )
    5. If you have finished the door mass creation type in /tot cancel.
    6. DONE!
    If you want to edit or delete doors you can use the door list function ( Door menu, Door list ).

    Ingredients are random placed blocks on your map. The players need to search them because some villagers want them to find these. You can enable / disable this function in the config.yml

    If you want to create these ingredients follow these steps:

    1. Place the blocks you want to have as an ingredient (Randomly on your map)
    2. Open the setup menu ( SNEAK + Rightclick with the setup item )
    3. Click on ingredient menu, Create new ingredient
    4. Click on "Set ingredient name" and type in a name for the ingredient
    5. Click on "set the block type" and select the block type you have placed before
    6. Click on "add ingredient location" and Leftclick on all blocks you have placed ( With the setup item )
    7. Now SNEAK + Rightclick to open the setup menu again and click on "Save ingredient"
    8. DONE!
    You can also edit the ingredient after you have saved it: Open the setup menu, Click on ingredient menu, Click on Ingredient list and click on the ingredient you want to edit!

    The eventlocation is the location where the players can spawn if you have enabled the "lobby options" in the config.yml. You can teleport yourself to the eventlocation with /tot warp. To create the eventlocation open the setup menu and click on the set eventlocation item.


    If you have finished all the setups above you can start the TrickOrTreating. Have fun and Happy Halloween!


    Not spooky enough? How about flickering pumpkins? Simply open the setup menu and click on "Add flickering pumpkins". Now Leftclick all pumpkins you want to add and Rightclick the pumpkins to remove them. If you have added all pumpkins type in /tot cancel.
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