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Dec 16, 2018
TrickOrTreat Wiki
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    Welcome to the TrickOrTreat Wiki. Here you can find some information about the TrickOrTreat plugin.

    You can find the official plugin page here:

    (Click me)

    Purchase TrickOrTreat


    1. Purchase and download the TrickOrTreat.jar here:
    2. Download the latest version of Citizens here:
    3. Drop the Citizens.jar and the TrickOrTreat.jar into you plugins folder.
    4. Start you server.
    5. Edit the config files in the TrickOrTreat folder.
    6. Restart your server again.
    7. ENJOY!

    Setting up the plugin
    After installing TrickOrTreat apply the trickortreat.admin permission to your account. Now type in: /tot help. A help page should show up.
    Now type in /tot setupItem. There should be a Setup-Item Stick in your inventory. SNEAK + Right-Click the stick. A inventory page should pop up.

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