Tutorial : Create an advanced sign

Apr 17, 2015
Tutorial : Create an advanced sign
  • Tutorial : Create an advanced sign

    Welcome in this tutorial designed to show you how to create an advanced sign i.e a sign which will allow you more than just teleporting one player to a defined server.

    In this tutorial, here is the exemple we're going to use.
    We want to create a filler sign which will teleport to three servers hg1, hg2 and hg3.

    The first thing you need to know is that when you create an advanced sign, you need to do it in the configuration and then In-Game you will setup signs whose settings are the one you just set in the config : I highlight the s of signs because using a single pattern, you can create the multiple physical signs.

    Let's go in config.yml :
    signs: # Just so you know where you should put the new sign section
    hgFillerSign: # This is the name of the sign section, it doesn't have any importance
       tag: hgFiller # This is the tag you're going to write in order to tell BTS that you want to use this sign
       type: filler # The type of sign, here we want a filler sign
          servers: # The list of servers we want to teleport to
         - hg1
          - hg2
          - hg3
    Once you've done that, let's go in game.

    Create a new sign and write the following lines :
    • 1st line : BTSigns
    • 2nd line : hgFiller (the tag of the sign we just created)
    Click on done and it should work !

    Congratulations, you created your first advanced sign !
    If you want to create more advanced sign, take a look at the signs type list.
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